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Photo of Marc Reavis
Conference Calling: Admin to change host code/participant code for security reasons
I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of those asking for the ability to change conference bridge numbers and host codes, for security r...
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Photo of Lee
Feature Request: notification for call recording
Account type  (U.S.) A brief description of the business We are a Home Care service provider A high level description of the product or ...
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Photo of Matthew
Salesforce Call Recording URL for main number, Access permission/Improvement to flow
UK, Recruitment We use the Salesforce integration that logs calls as tasks with a URL to the call recording. As the recording is against...
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Photo of Cheryl Pelletier
Fax Cover Page: change number on the cover sheet
Place for a Fax Number on the cover sheet - before these last 2 updates you could put a fax number on the cover sheet - I fax from my ext...
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Photo of DanielB
Customized Company and User Hours
It would be nice if we can have the feature wherein, we can customized the Company hours. Instead of having 15 minutes increment only. We...
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Photo of alex d
Speed Dial: Company wide directory for Speed Dial
Our company has several dozen contacts that everyone in the office uses. We don't want to have to WASTE TIME programing each phone with ...
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Photo of Matthew Austria
Change Auditing/Logging
I'd like to request an audit/logging feature that will record who made what changes at what time. We have a couple admins and they do hap...
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Photo of Matt Dillman
Cost Center Codes in User Details
Would like to see Cost Center Codes of extensions added to the User Details section.  For instance, our company has over 60 Cost Center C...
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Photo of Ray
Caller ID: multiple Company names
Currently right now my Account can only have 1 "Company Caller ID".  This name will show up for any outbound call I make.  The problem is...
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Photo of Heisley
SMS: Group Message
I am currently using send hub of which allows me to crate a group of contacts an label it for example ( Text Group 1). This is a group te...
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Photo of Claudio (Customer)
UniFi UAP-AC-EDU Access Point with Public Address
Anyone around with some experience about using this Public Address + Access Point (like voice over head) integrated with Ringcentral ? ...
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Photo of Richard Manuel
Option to Block Bulk number at once
Hi, It would be better if there is an option to Upload Bulk number for Blocked calls option, e.g .csv, .xlxs file. Instead of manually ty...
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Photo of Saadet - Community Support
Dialing Internationally - Whitelist Form
Question: Why can’t I dial a specific country even though I have International Calling enabled? Answer: Some countries are considered ...
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Display of mobile phone numbers for Employees in the Ring Central company directory
Our company would like to have the Employees mobile "cell" numbers show up in the Ring Central Phone desktop application.  When you add t...
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Photo of David Eisenbeisz
Contacts: add cell numbers to Company Contacts and sync to Softphone & Smartphone App
Is there a way for me to add additional numbers to a Company Contact?  I would like to add some of our employees' personal cell phone num...
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