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Call Recording Announcement for External Callers Only
Due to the nature of my organization, we are required to announce to all incoming callers that their calls are being recorded. However, w...
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Fax via e-mail: Custom Cover Pages
We predominantly send faxes via the e-mail option with RingCentral, however it would be preferable to be able to use the form cover lette...
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password aging
Add a feature to RingCentral Admin console to enforce password complexity and aging. Allows account administrators to set password comple...
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Conference Calling: Customize conference line number
It would make a huge difference for our company if RingCentral allowed its users to customize the number that we use to access the confer...
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User Settings: customize email notification
We have configured Ring Central to send an email notification when a voice message is left.  However we would like to configure the subje...
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Admin: When Downloading the master copy of users, the user's address pulls the shipping address and not the E911 address.
When downloading the master copy of users in the Admin Portal, the user's address pulls the company's shipping address and not the indivi...
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Conference Calling: Admin to change host code/participant code for security reasons
I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of those asking for the ability to change conference bridge numbers and host codes, for security r...
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Template: Set Outbound Caller ID to be the User's Direct Dial Number
In an effort to reduce the call volume hitting our receptionist desks, we are encouraging our users to begin publishing their DID numbers...
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Ability to hide user accounts from 'Company Directory'
Problem Like most Ring Central customers our implementation is a complex mix of 'User Accounts' and 'Groups' - all of which show in the ...
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Blocked Calls
Blocked Call Warning. I always block calls from solicitors and junk faxes. Today, with a keyboard or mouse error, I blocked the number "1...
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Photo of Ian Romero
Hold Music: Allow multiple audio files for hold music, played at random.
If you'd like to request this feature please select the LIKE button on the upper right corner.  We just migrated a client over to Ring ...
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Admin: International Call tab - disable all
When I enable International dialling, all destination are enabled. I Need to disable all but a few countries where we have offices. I don...
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Photo of Robert Kay
To be able to edit automated voice from call queue
On the greeting, there is an option provided to press 2 for Spanish, and call is going to the call queue, all the greetings and interrupt...
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Photo of Doug Casey
Admin: Hide Certain Numbers from Users on the Company Contact List
Non-Profit Government Organization - we need to Hide Advanced Call Routing Numbers from the Company Contact List
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Photo of COBINE
Purge?  Why is the purge button so easily accessible and why does it DELETE EVERYTHING even when only one call record was selected?  The ...
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