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Template After Hours Option
Account type  Canada A brief description of the business  A high level description of the product or feature being requested: User templ...
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Voicemail email notification Subject line should include extension number
Account type : US account  A brief description of the business:  Full service wireless internet provider A high level description of th...
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voicemail pause
Using Yealink phone, please consider adding a pause function when retrieving voicemail.  
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Return to Operator from Voicemail
When calling some larger companies and trying to reach an individual, the voicemail will say "leave a message or press 0 to return to the...
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Call Queue: all users in group to access voicemail through User's Desktop/Mobile App
Our calls are automatically forwarded to three users.  If no one answers, the call goes to the operator voicemail.  We need all users to ...
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User Settings: Change custom voicemail name to the actual file name
We have many custom voicemail recordings and sometimes these recordings are changed for various reason. Instead of seeing "custom": It w...
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