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Call Queue: play announcement for SoftPhones and Mobile App
when a queue/ department call is answered using the SoftPhone or Mobile App, it doesnt announce the name of the caller or the department'...
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Toggle Availability for Specific Call Queues
And toggle availability in specific call queues. That's not possible currently, right? It's available/unavailable for all queues they are...
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Call Queue name on screen - show called extension
I have multiple call groups, and they go to some overlapping people. I would like the phone to show which extension was dialed to the cal...
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Call Queues: pound # to go directly to voicemail
We don't want to have to create a new voicemail only extension to allow customers to leave a voicemail from a department call queue. We w...
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Company Caller ID Numbers Missing
We are only seeing a handful of our company numbers listed to select as a default number in the new app, which means the caller ID will b...
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Please create a way for Users to log in/out of different queues upon logging in
We have 5 call queues set up and people that rotate weekends. Some users belong to multiple queues & some need to go into queues they don...
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Desktop App: "press 1 to connect" not working on inbound call.
I need to get the call announcement to work properly on the desktop application in order to know which line a call is coming into.  Unfor...
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