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Access multiple companies/accounts
Feature Request - US I work for multiple companies and was wondering if there was a way to switch between accounts with the app without l...
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SMS: Group Message
I am currently using send hub of which allows me to crate a group of contacts an label it for example ( Text Group 1). This is a group te...
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Ability to Respond to Group Messages from Outside Numbers
It appears that there is a known bug in group texting now that the MMS feature has been deployed.  I opened a support ticket - I think ti...
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Admin: change users (DND, available, offline)
As an admin, I should have the ability to change any extensions DND status. If an agent leaves their desk and forgets to remove their pho...
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Block calls based on caller id name
We keep getting junk calls with caller id name "BETTER MERCHANT" and an endless series of phone numbers.  I'd like to be able to block an...
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Would like shared company address book for all RC phones
Would love to be able to share address book entries to all phones in our company.  In the Desktop App currently there is a "Company" Addr...
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Call Logs: Call Queue not to show 'missed call' when a call is answered by another user in Queue
We are a small business where anyone of our four employees can answer any incoming call.   We have a Call Queue set up so that all the ph...
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Consider offering a standard signature on all outgoing SMS texts.  This is a major time saver for businesses.  
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Disable the Park call feature
Our company does not need (or want) the call park feature. Can you please add a config setting to disable it for all users on the account?
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Presence: Caller on Hold causes other phone that monitor to ring
I have 2 VVX500 phones. I have set both phones to monitor all lines as well as be able to pick up a line. The problem I have is that when...
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Control ring order of Desktop App and Mobile App.
Or allow us to customize the order we want our devices to be used in. Why is  user, call handling and forwarding so the "softphone and ...
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Add Advanced Rules to block or forward SMS / Text Messages
We have multiple main numbers.  Each number is an office number for different locations and those numbers are pointed to a call queue.  F...
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Callers can't hear ringing while it is connecting to me. They just hear dead air so don't know if they are being connected or not.
Help! Callers are hearing dead air when they call before I pick up, no ringing sound at all!
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September Feature Release Preview
Our next release of new features and upgrades is scheduled to start mid-August. See below for a preview of what’s new and register for ou...
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SMS: Allow all users (not just operator ext) to text messages (SMS) from the Main Number
earlier versions of desktop app have a drop down field that allows you to switch caller ID for text messages (SMS).  in verison 8.0.4 it ...
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Deskphone: User's Name to show up when we dial an extension number.
Can we add this feature to this phone to talk to our directory? When people dial 4 digit extension number on our VVX 410, it does not sho...
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Alert caller the system is ringing another device
New to RC and VoIP in general. Users like the call handling feature to go from Desk to Cell to Home, etc. The problem is with all these...
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Mobile App: Add a Warm Transfer button to mobile app.
Please add a "Warm Transfer" button to the mobile app so it works/looks like the Desktop app shown below.  This way you don't have to us...
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Would be nice to store multiple voicemail greetings
Would be nice to store multiple voicemail greetings, so that we don't have to re-record to switch between various message options.
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Contacts: share my Personal Contacts with all users
We need a central company wide "Personal Contact List" which auto updates every day as new contacts are added. One way would be to allow ...
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