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Fax: Allow Fax header to be customized.
I want outgoing fax header From: to show my company name not my personal name that ringcentral uses for billing. How can I change it?
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Custom Fax cover Sheet for Browser faxing
The desktop app allows you to create a custom fax cover sheet, but this is not available under the browser faxing.  Please add to the bro...
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Fax via e-mail: Allow email body content to populate Comment section of fax cover page
Re faxing via email - the subject line of the email is displayed in the comments section of the fax cover page. Is there any way to also...
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Fax: Allow default custom Global or Company-wide fax cover page
We would like the ability to use a custom fax cover page and set it as the default for our users without having each user upload the temp...
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How to add HIPAA message to my fax cover sheet?
I need a standard HIPAA disclaimer message to go out in all our cover sheets, but I have not been able to set it up. Please advice. 
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Template: include our Confidentiality Agreement on all Cover Page
I have a business account, and work for a company who provides mental health and substance abuse services across a wide variety of popula...
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Make "Custom Fax Cover Page" available to all users
The administrator should be able to add a custom fax template cover page for all users to access.  Users should not have to upload the cu...
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Caller ID: Outbound Fax to be set to always show "Company Fax Number"
We used to be able to send efaxes with all company numbers as a caller ID. Now we only have an option to use the "company main number" or...
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Fax Cover Page Remove RingCentral branding
It would be nice to have the RingCentral branding removed from the Fax Cover Page. It comes across as if we are using a free service.  I'...
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