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Call Recordings: Storing them in the Cloud
Recorded messages should AUTOMATICALLY be stored in the cloud and accessible via a link We are transitioning to RC from Join.Me.  With J...
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Conference Call: How do I create a conference call from two lines already on a call?
"Need instructions on how to conference 2 lines together on our phones? i see the option, but dont know how it works." This a request ...
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September Feature Release Preview
Our next release of new features and upgrades is scheduled to start mid-August. See below for a preview of what’s new and register for ou...
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Cellular SIM Card for RingCentral
I wish RingCentral would partner with AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. and offer a SIM card for RingCentral accounts that would automaticall...
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SMS: Group Message
I am currently using send hub of which allows me to crate a group of contacts an label it for example ( Text Group 1). This is a group te...
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Provide an option for blocking robo dialers and caller ID spoofers.
 I also think it would be important for RingCentral to collect data on this kind of problem. Perhaps add a Report Invalid Call button, so...
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Always receive internal calls even After Hours
New to RC for a couple days now. I noticed today that I missed calls from my supervisor using internal RC system because it was before w...
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Add Custom RingTones for Mobile App, Desktop app and Deskphones
We've had a variety of request from users to have custom ringtones on the mobile app, desktop app and desk phones.  Please comment and vo...
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User Settings: longer/shorter voicemail recording times.
Currently, when people call and leave a voice-mail they can only record a message for 3 minutes and then they get cut off.  With our prof...
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ios APP needs a alert sound for incoming call while on a call.
While on a call in ios App, I am not looking at my phone to see if another call is coming in. We need to have an alert sound in ear that ...
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Control ring order of Desktop App and Mobile App.
Or allow us to customize the order we want our devices to be used in. Why is  user, call handling and forwarding so the "softphone and ...
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SMS: Allow all users (not just operator ext) to text messages (SMS) from the Main Number
earlier versions of desktop app have a drop down field that allows you to switch caller ID for text messages (SMS).  in verison 8.0.4 it ...
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Implement email to RC SMS functionality
All major cell carriers support an email address scheme in which anybody can send a message to <phonenumber>, and the text in...
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Mobile App: Using bluetooth headset to answer incoming call?
I am able to use my Bluetooth headset with Android RC App, however I can only use it to talk/listen, but not to actually answer the call....
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Disable email uniqueness
bring back the feature where I can use my single email as a contact email for all extensions. It is very inconvenient for me since I need...
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Call Queue: Disable Voicemail
Some of my clients requested to disable the voicemail option for call queues, since this option is already available for extension users,...
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Show Original Callers Number in Caller ID when Transferring calls
We have agents requesting the ability to see the original caller's number instead of the person's number who is transferring the call. We...
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Changes to our "Champions" program.
What is a “Champion” ? Brand Advocate Most Loyal Customers &Partners Most Helpful CommunityUsers RingCentral Product Experts Upholds Comm...
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RingCentral App does not allow you to ignore the call
Here is my scenario: When I receive a call on my RingCentral App on my iPhone X or my iPhone 7, I am not given the option of ignoring the...
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Change Auditing/Logging
I'd like to request an audit/logging feature that will record who made what changes at what time. We have a couple admins and they do hap...
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