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Desktop App: Server 2008 terminal server environment
I work for a managed IT provider supporting a company with ~200+ employees, all of whom have recently been migrated to RingCentral phones...
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Admin: override Password 60 Minute Lockout
Users, in my experience, are bad at password management. I had an experience today that pointed out what I perceive to be a missing featu...
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Park Location for Call Queu
It would be more easier if the Call Queu will be an option on the Call Parking so it will automatically high light all people under a spe...
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"Save As" option on new installer
The new installer automatically save the file on " App Data" folder  which is not allowing us to save it directly to a " PC User " . PC ...
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Desktop App: Error "another softphone running on your computer"
If a user (Windows account) is signed in and is running softphone, no other user/Windows account can run softphone. For example, John sig...
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Server Support
1. US 2. Medical Clinic 3. Support for Terminal Servers (Windows Server 2016, 2012) so that multiple users can each create an individual ...
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Admin: Locking Down Accounts
It is amazing to me that there is no way to lock down certain features according to each user. Here's what is badly needed:  - Granular...
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