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SMS: Allow all users (not just operator ext) to text messages (SMS) from the Main Number
earlier versions of desktop app have a drop down field that allows you to switch caller ID for text messages (SMS).  in verison 8.0.4 it ...
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User Settings: Backup settings
I want to backup all of my settings and greetings before I make some significant changes.  Best would be to be able to backup to a file o...
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Use Your Email Address to Log in to Your Account
Logging in to your RingCentral account is now easier. Starting February 2, 2017, you can now use your email address or Google ID to log i...
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If it could possible to ring multiple smartphone apps per user.
We use User accounts as our mainline groups...and we would like the ability to have multiple smartphone users to ring at the same time th...
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Call Handling: how to have Mobile App get incoming calls
We currently have our call handling settings configured to first go through our main line (desk phone), then if not answered the call is ...
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