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Call Recordings: Storing them in the Cloud
Recorded messages should AUTOMATICALLY be stored in the cloud and accessible via a link We are transitioning to RC from Join.Me.  With J...
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SMS: print option for text messaging
I am a U.S. business that works with real estate. I would like for you to consider adding a feature to text messaging (SMS) that would al...
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Reports: filter by time periods, not just by date
It would be nice if the call reports could be limited by time periods as well as by date
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SMS: Group Message
I am currently using send hub of which allows me to crate a group of contacts an label it for example ( Text Group 1). This is a group te...
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HUD: Disable Caller ID on incoming calls visible to all HUD users
This is in regards to HUD.  Right now if someone calls me anyone using HUD can see the number that is calling me.  We are all professiona...
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Add Custom RingTones for Mobile App, Desktop app and Deskphones
We've had a variety of request from users to have custom ringtones on the mobile app, desktop app and desk phones.  Please comment and vo...
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Conference Call: Add International Dial-In Numbers
Hi Community, I would like to suggest adding International Dial-in Numbers for China, India and Philippines.  Existing Conference Bridge ...
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Call Queue: need multiple interrupt messages
Have the ability to have 5-10 different interrupt messages, for those longer than normal hold times.  Maybe even setting them to random o...
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Control ring order of Desktop App and Mobile App.
Or allow us to customize the order we want our devices to be used in. Why is  user, call handling and forwarding so the "softphone and ...
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RingCentral Meeting Invite Template Customization or Improvement (Outlook Meeting Plug-in)
Problem: The default RingCentral meeting invite template for schedule a RingCentral Meeting from outlook is not usable at all. 1. it ove...
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Call Handling: Unable to pick up a call on hold?
I am using Polycom VVX 410 phones. I want to be able to place a call on hold and pick up that call on any handset.I've tried going into U...
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Show Original Callers Number in Caller ID when Transferring calls
We have agents requesting the ability to see the original caller's number instead of the person's number who is transferring the call. We...
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Change Auditing/Logging
I'd like to request an audit/logging feature that will record who made what changes at what time. We have a couple admins and they do hap...
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Call Logs: Call Queue not to show 'missed call' when a call is answered by another user in Queue
We are a small business where anyone of our four employees can answer any incoming call.   We have a Call Queue set up so that all the ph...
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Add Pauses and #s in Contact Numbers.
Would like to see the ability to add pauses and #s into pone number for dialing extensions and initiating actions. For example: I want ...
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Caller ID (CNAM): Allow for more than 1 CNAM per account
Currently, Ring Central only allows for 1 outbound caller ID to display to external phones.  Allowing for multiple or Departmental Outbou...
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SMS to Toll Free
Hello I have customers texting my toll free number. Which do not get passed on...  I would like to request that it would be nice if toll ...
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Consider offering a standard signature on all outgoing SMS texts.  This is a major time saver for businesses.  
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Call Handling and Call Forwarding to an IVR
I am trying to figure out how to have a user's call handling and call forwarding  sequentially  after calling that user's IP Phone or add...
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Admin: View Service Outages History or get Notifications
Account Type: USA We are a software as a service company.  We've had multiple issues now (2 in the last month and a half) which i...
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