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User Settings: Disable call waiting while on a call.
Use a "Currently on another Call" greeting message while on another call or have the capability to disable Call waiting. An options that...
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SMS / Text Auto Responder
Hello! An Auto Text Responder would be a huge benefit to Ring Central. I'm a US customer and am a Realtor. There are auto Text responses ...
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Control ring order of Desktop App and Mobile App.
Or allow us to customize the order we want our devices to be used in. Why is  user, call handling and forwarding so the "softphone and ...
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Call Queue: requesting Call Waiting for queue members
Hello, I'd like my users to be able to answer multiple incoming calls to a main number call group even if they are currently connected on...
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SMS: Group Message
I am currently using send hub of which allows me to crate a group of contacts an label it for example ( Text Group 1). This is a group te...
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Disable the Operator (press 0) during the Company Greeting
i would like to have the ability to disable the Operator extension (press 0) during the Company Greeting. currently, when a caller press...
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Admin: When Downloading the master copy of users, the user's address pulls the shipping address and not the E911 address.
When downloading the master copy of users in the Admin Portal, the user's address pulls the company's shipping address and not the indivi...
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Call recording: turn off automatic recording on per call basis
It would be really great to be able to turn off call recording on a per call basis. For example when we are phoning banks and credit card...
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Fax: Result shows "failed", but "success" for attachment?
sent a fax, got this result email (edited phone numbers): Here are the results of the 5-page fax you sent from your phone number...
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Call Logs: Call Queue not to show 'missed call' when a call is answered by another user in Queue
We are a small business where anyone of our four employees can answer any incoming call.   We have a Call Queue set up so that all the ph...
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Admin: override Password 60 Minute Lockout
Users, in my experience, are bad at password management. I had an experience today that pointed out what I perceive to be a missing featu...
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Show Original Callers Number in Caller ID when Transferring calls
We have agents requesting the ability to see the original caller's number instead of the person's number who is transferring the call. We...
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RC Phone Mobile App: 3-way calling
Any modern mobile phone can merge calls, or allow you to initiate a 3-way conference. There shouldn't be any reason the mobile app can't ...
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Fax via e-mail: Custom Cover Pages
We predominantly send faxes via the e-mail option with RingCentral, however it would be preferable to be able to use the form cover lette...
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Call Queue: play announcement for SoftPhones and Mobile App
when a queue/ department call is answered using the SoftPhone or Mobile App, it doesnt announce the name of the caller or the department'...
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Need to be able to download and save SMS text conversations.
We need to be able to download and save SMS text conversations.  The same way we can download and save voicemails and recorded calls.
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Conference Calling: Customize conference line number
It would make a huge difference for our company if RingCentral allowed its users to customize the number that we use to access the confer...
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User Settings: customize email notification
We have configured Ring Central to send an email notification when a voice message is left.  However we would like to configure the subje...
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Add Custom RingTones for Mobile App, Desktop app and Deskphones
We've had a variety of request from users to have custom ringtones on the mobile app, desktop app and desk phones.  Please comment and vo...
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Fax: Confirmation to attach the pages faxed
We really need the fax confirmations to come through with the pages that we faxed attached.  It is very hard to verify that certain docum...
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