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The yellow presence has been removed
The yellow presence dot in Glip has been deactivated.  I don't know when colleagues are online are offline.  This is apparently due to a ...
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Introducing the RingCentral Application
Your single place to call, message, and collaborate!  We’ve made it easier to work the way you want to work, anywhere and on any device...
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Glip Question: Add/Save Contact within Glip?
When receiving a SMS text in Glip from an external contact, is there then a way to then create or name a contact in Glip so it shows the ...
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Turn off hold music while host is waiting for participants to join RC conference call
We need to be able to turn off the hold music once the host opens the call and is waiting on participants to join.  This need became appa...
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How to turn off conferencing music while waiting for participants to join
Use the keypad to enter the following: *#903#
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Glip: Bring Incoming Calls To Front
Question: Incoming calls in the Glip desktop app open in a separate window but is there a way to make this window come to the front?  B...
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