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Call Queue: Add "voice response" and option to Disable the "press 1 to accept call" accept call.
When a call is forwarded to a smart phone after the desk phone did not pick up, then in order to accept the call you have to enter the ph...
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Caller ID: Ability to change Outbound Caller ID from deskphone
I have the same issue. I own 3 businesses and would like to be able to call from my deskphone showing business a, b or c as the caller id...
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Deskphone: possible to have different number associated with each green light?
I have a Cisco IP Phone, Model SPA525G. There are 5 green lights. Is it possible to have a different phone number associated with each ...
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Caller ID: two for one phone
Need to be able to press a button to call outbound on one caller ID phone # xxx-xxx-xxxx and press another button to call outbound on ano...
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Caller ID: change without logging in
how to change the caller ID number for outbound calls without logging in on the online account? have multiple numbers and need to show th...
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