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User Settings: Backup settings
I want to backup all of my settings and greetings before I make some significant changes.  Best would be to be able to backup to a file o...
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Contacts > Ability to Apply the same Rule to all phone numbers within a Contact
It would be nice to be able to apply rules to an entire contact, with all the associated phone numbers associated to that contact, instea...
  • Scott D, 8 months ago

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Desktop App: Call Screening not working on desktop app.
I would like to have the Call Screening option work when I answer the call on my cell phone. It only seem to work on the land line or app.
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Enable Call Screening for Desktop Application/Softphones and Mobile Apps
Call Screening for Desktop Softphones do not work without a workaround. Call Screening does not work for mobile apps even with a workarou...
  • Scott D, 2 years ago

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