2 Most BASIC of features need to be fixed to not be mutually exclusive...

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U.S. Real Estate company
We wanted human beings to always answer the phone instead of getting a message/options. RC set us up with a call queue. We figured you guys knew what you were doing. After several months we realized that customers weren't always able to leave voice messages - it was only an option sometimes.
Level 2 tech support explained call queues don't allow customers to reliably get that opportunity so he set us up with an additional extension. If I understand then everything comes through that extension and forwards out in a sense.... 

Unfortunately that prevents our staff from being able to see who is in an active call. We have one woman that works out of state and some of us work remote from the office at times so if a customer calls in and employee 1 picks up, and a second call comes in and employee 2 pics up, we have no idea if we can transfer the call to one of our 5 employees. 

These 2 features are the MOST BASIC of features (all customers being able to leave messages and see who's in a call) and should NOT be mutually exclusive in order to offer great customer service of HUMANS answering phones!!

We're flying blind and this is the final straw and a long several months of the WORST technology experience anyone in our office has EVER HAD EVER in our life times. If I don't get an answer in a week with a confirmation of when we can have this fixed, I will get out of this contract one way or another.

Customer service tried to say they would have answered all our problems in the first 30 days and now its too late. Are you guys crazy? We trusted you to set us up correctly and could not have realized in that time frame that we weren't getting all our calls. And how would you have fixed it in those 30 days if you're telling me now that the best you can do is put in my request in to this glorified wish basket??? Unreal. 
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  • Beyond frustrated. I'm done. Fix this or I'm out of here

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