Call Queue: Ability for Admin/Queue manager to log user in/out of queue

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It would be helpful to allow an Admin to log an absent user out from a queue if they forgot to log out.
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Posted 5 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Allow Admin to set a call queue member to be unavailable to take call queue calls....

We have a small Call Center environment.  We would like for an admin to be able to set a call queue member to be unavailable to take call queue calls if/when that call queue member leaves their desk and forgets to set that for themselves.
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Nick Mawji

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It's been 4 years and the developers have not been paying attention to Client needs? This is posted in Developers Forum. It is a "must have" feature.
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This has been addressed directly to reps and dev. team. The advise was to post it here so then they can see how relevant and collective an issue could be in order to consider developing something. 
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Erik Anderson

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would  be great to have this feature.  I don't know of a single customer who hasn't asked for this.
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Jesus Anaya

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We also have a small call center. For us it isn't really practical to pay for the Call Center package, when all we would really need is just one or two small features like this one. I really like the web interface, both on the admin side and the user side. So far it has met most of our needs and there isn't a whole lot more we could ask for.

I feel like this is something that could easily be implemented into the admin interface. Possible in a single update cycle. Maybe put it in the call queue menu, where you can easily see the members' availability, just add an edit status button. I don't know, I'm sure RC's devs could come up with something quickly and easily.
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I agree that this should be escalated - it is a MUCH NEEDED feature that will weigh heavily in our analysis of RC vs. competitors as we approach our next contract renewal this year. 
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This is a basic function of call center management. When will this be a function of RC?
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This is becoming a real nuisance having to disable or remove users from the call queue when they user has forgotten to set their status. Yes, they shouldn't forget, but they're humans and they do forget.

Is there a technical or political reason why this simple feature hasn't been incorporated?


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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Forcing Status as super Admin.

As a Super Admin user, I think we should be able to force status from unavailable to available and vise versa.  It gives us a chance to see who is away from their desk to push them away or who should be on the phone when doing nothing.  This way reports will be more accurate and help with human error.
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Dear RingCentral dev team: The fact that an agent has the ability to switch their participation on and off their queue, and a super admin not being able to see or monitor this, has to be changed ASAP. Sometimes by mistake, sometimes on purpose, it makes que queue environment pointless and technically impossible to improve its performance. Since there are tiers of users with their respective allowances/clearances, the control of unhooking an agent from the queue should not be optional for the agent.

Please understand that this should be top priority. Thanks
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The number of simple things we're finding that just don't exist or aren't possible in RC is astounding...

This has become an issue for us as well since migration - people take themselves out of the queue if they're busy working on something, and then forget to ever join back in. The fact that we can't control the permissions for this, or at the very least adjust the setting as an admin is ridiculous. 

Three years of questions, 61 votes, and no movement from RC on this. Seriously?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Change the availability of an agent.

When an agent leaves the office or goes out for lunch but forgets to switch their "available" status to "unavailable", as an Admin, we should be able to change this status accordingly.

The workaround is to remove the agent completely from the call queue -- not ideal!

A RingCentral agent was able to do it for me upon request, Admins should be able to do it too.