ability to check off messaging conversations or phone calls to those people you've already helped

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My business does scheduling for clients shops around the world and we need to speak to many different people throughout the day it's a little hard to keep track of those people that you have already helped or talked to as opposed to those you haven't helped yet. It would be great if there was a way to differentiate the two, perhaps a color coding option, or a place for checking off those people that have been helped that can be seen on the messages & call logs screens so that you can tell without having to actually open up each individual message since it can be quite time consuming to have to do so. Or even a grouping options so that you can add those messages that have already been completed, scheduled, helped, etc can be put into a group titled whatever you'd like to title that particular group of messages or calls. Or take it a little further with another option to mark off those messages that you've already spoken to the people regarding the info, but that you need to do more research, find out some more info that is needed, etc and get back to that person at a later time. This would be great and very helpful. 


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Posted 2 years ago

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