Ability to enable company extensions under blocked Calls - Allow provision

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The ability to block all calls from Screening-Greetings option is a very helpful option. However when you select block all calls, this will also block extension dialing for company internal dials.

We have a conference room that needs outbound calling privileges. However, We want to disable all incoming calls to the conference room with the exception of company main numbers and company internal transfers. As it stands now ( 6/12/2017 ). We are able to block all calls from the screening and Handling setting and add company phone numbers. But there is no option to add extensions to the allowed list. as it blocks all calls.

Current work around 
If we un-check the "Display my extension" from the Internal Calls setting under Outbound Caller ID. We can allow a DID or a company number to be passed to the conference room mentioned above, thus allowing that outbound caller ID to dial in as it can be listed under allowed calls.

It seems that we have to sacrifice internal extension caller ID to accomplish our goals. Since internal caller ID display is one of the basic functionality of a company phone system. This is not the best choice. 

Ability to add extensions to the allowed list for blocked calls- allow provision .
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Posted 3 years ago

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I know this idea has not been reviewed by the masses, but I would like to point out a scenario in our environment where this functionality would be very important.

We have recently transitioned to RingCentral in one of our manufacturing plants and have 8 more to go. We came off some 15-25 year old systems, which not trying to sound critical, all could perform the functionality of blocking all inbound calls to an extension while still preserving internal calling.

Our scenario revolves around our paging system connected to RingCentral. Specifically our emergency paging system. The last thing that I want is for someone outside our company to miss dial a number and call the public phone number associated to our emergency system and set the alarm off across our plant. Same goes with just a general page, who wants a robo caller message to automatically play over our intercom system on the floor?

I would suggest one of two things -

1) Add functionality to the system to block all inbound calls to a number while maintaining the ability to still call that extension internally, otherwise whats the point of that item on a telecommunications system? The phone should also still be able to call outbound.

2) Allow the removal of the DID number from the extension making it unable to be dialed inward and only able to use the main number to dial outward.

It really is only a matter of time before the emergency system is accidentally called and this question is raised by our safety and executive team and I stand there with no answer and naturally get the you chose the wrong solution for an enterprise statement.

Your consideration to the importance of this functionality is appreciated.


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A thought...

Add a custom answering rule for the user you don't want to accept outside calls.  Under Define Conditions configure Called Number to the users DID.  For call handling set to Play Announcement only.  On the surface this would seem to do the trick.  Just not sure if it might create other problems.   
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We also desire the ability to restrict certain Limited Extensions to only being able to receive extension-to-extension calls (i.e. no inbound calls from external numbers). This was a feature available in a competitor's service 12 years ago.