Ability to hide user accounts from 'Company Directory'

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Like most Ring Central customers our implementation is a complex mix of 'User Accounts' and 'Groups' - all of which show in the 'Company Contacts' list shown in the Windows soft phone and the mobile app.

In fact in our implementation the Groups (aka 'Call Queues') are not used for pushing calls to multiple members of staff but simply for transferring unanswered calls and as dummy entries which is required by the RC system. This should not be called directly.

Additional to this list of groups and users are an ever growing number of 'virtual users' that need to be created in order to add direct dials to each user extension's 'Presence' ability and the desk phone's side car / expansion unit (click here for details on why this is needed). These 'virtual users' also appear in the 'Company Contacts' list and really only need to be available for the member of staff for whom they were created.

This means that the 'Company Contacts' list (at the moment) consists of 50% of valid user accounts for staff extensions and 50% invalid entries that should never be dialled.


Add a setting, against each user account in the online portal, that determines that user account's visibility to the company / RC account (excluding the 'super user' of course). The setting would have the following values:
  1. Visible to all users (the default)
  2. Visible to none
  3. Visible to specific members (and allow them to be selected)
Even if the 'visible to specific members' can't be implemented the first two options would clear up the 'Company Contacts' list to only those numbers that can actually be dialled.


This would make the 'Company Contacts' list much cleaner and really represent the staff in the company instead of a long list you have to scroll down to try and find a valid entry. 

This is especially important in the mobile app where screen space is limited and you don't want to scroll if you can help it.

This will also become more important when RC integrate the 'company contact' list with the various desk phone handsets (which have even smaller display screens).
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  • frustrated that such simple functionality is absent

Posted 10 months ago

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Bob Robinson, Champion

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Company Directory is already on Polycom phones.  It's a bit buried and a bit kludgy to type out names to search, but it's there.  I prefer to use the RC Phone app and use call flip to call the target from the desk phone.

Your idea is great, though, and I voted for it!  I'd also like to see the ability to add in non-RC numbers to the company directory.  Our company deals with various vendors and contacts there and I'd love to have those contacts available to all our users via the directory.
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Adding non-RC numbers to the portal and (with this enhancement in mind) therefore the 'Company Contacts' list is what my other request for adding direct dials (click here and please vote for it) is all about. 

We need to add non-RC numbers for our expansion module line buttons to work and so we add them as user accounts without an extension.
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Cecile Glassy, Champion

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USA-based acct | 2287 Users | 3800 DID lines | 28 sites | all Polycom VVX500 phone handsets 

2018-04-05 This is not accurate info for ALL RingCentral Polycom accounts Bob Robinson.

The Company Directory is NOT on Polycom phones unless you are using an LDAP type connector on the backside to feed the Directory Info to the Polycom phones on the VLAN in our organization. 

The current methods to access Directory Info for a regular User are cumbersome and not for the technically challenged type Users many folks are. 

The majority of our  thousands Users do not know how or even want to learn how to use the App despite having numerous ongoing training opportunities available to everyone in our organization. 

To this point we have tried to work with RC to get a working API to sync our phone directory info with our (Windows) Active Directory and Google Directory info by automation.   I have to spend hours every week manually cleaning the downloaded dataset of all "virtual" extensions, courtesy phones and paging devices  so they do not pollute the other two onsite Directory datasets. 

The writeup of the problem and Use Case by alfm above is very good and it covers most all of the points we need to be considered for fixing this problem - thanks   @alfm
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Bob Robinson, Champion

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Apologies.  I didn't mean to infer that the function was available everywhere, although I didn't do anything to establish an LDAP connector in our settings or anything API-driven. I just got a notice that Company Directory was available on Polycom (maybe 18 months ago) and tried it, and it worked (although cumbersome and kludgy as I mentioned).
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James Veal, Champion

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I would just like the simple ability to Hide Extensions from the Company Directory. 
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Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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Hey Everyone,

We are working on making this possible. Our Product Team ran into a snag with it so the release has been pushed back. I will keep my eyes open for when this is put back into play :)
Any update? Our organization would love to have this feature as described in the originating post. 
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Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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Haven't heard anything new, unfortunately :/ We push out new releases approximately every quarter so I'll keep an eye out for this feature when we go over the 2018 Q4 release and see if it is being worked on :)
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Robert Moore

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Admin: create Private Extension to be hidden from from Contact List.

Please provide a way to 'hide' an extension from the Contact list.  For example, our Sales force is using the RC mobile app on their cell phones and we have a private line for an executive which we do not want them to see.  We would like this as an administrative tool, not something an end user can modify.
I assign extensions to independent contractors. I do NOT want them to know about each other. I would be happy if each extension saw NO contacts at all. It would be okay if they saw the extension 0 contact information (the main company), but it is really a privacy violation for me to be sharing other people's names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. with my fleet of workers.

Please let me know when you have some solution to prevent users from seeing other people's private information.
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Hemant Mehta

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled option to filter my company contact list.

Account type - US
A brief description of the business 

-Collection type of business

A high level description of the product or feature being requested

-Looking for option to filter/exclude contacts that can be seen by users.

A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the fea

-This feature is needed so that the users does not dial the managers extension right away as the policy of the company

Number of Users and/or Digital Lines - 290
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Jathan Hainline

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Roadmap Enhancement Request; Dial-by-Directory restricted to local office staff.

Per direction from our RC PS PM (Mary Revious), posting to formally request a roadmap enhancement, wherein the
Dial-by-Directory feature is limited to only those staff located in the
specific office being called (versus the entire staff directory, which is how
the function works currently).
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Robert Moore

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I posted the original request back in 2014.  When can we expect this feature?  We still don't have an option to hide a users extension from the directory.  Anyone using the RC app on their mobile device can see everyone's extension.
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Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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Hi Robert, I followed up with our Product Team on this and they're still working working towards it. Once I hear more I'll update this thread. 
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Michael Berkeley

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Block User/Group from the Company Contacts list.

We have about 200 U.S. users and 15 or so groups/queues setup in ring central.  I would like to be able to hide/remove selected extensions/users from the company contact list. 

The group extensions are used for call routing and are never dialed by users.  All they are doing is cluttering the contact list.

It would be great to have a checkbox on each user/group that hides them from the contact list.
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Will Simon

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Agreed. That, and the ability to hide intercoms and paging devices, like those at our entrances, would be nice.
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Evan D'Angelo

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My org also has a need for this feature. 
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Dave Robinson

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Another vote for this function