Ability to hide user accounts from 'Company Directory'

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Like most Ring Central customers our implementation is a complex mix of 'User Accounts' and 'Groups' - all of which show in the 'Company Contacts' list shown in the Windows soft phone and the mobile app.

In fact in our implementation the Groups (aka 'Call Queues') are not used for pushing calls to multiple members of staff but simply for transferring unanswered calls and as dummy entries which is required by the RC system. This should not be called directly.

Additional to this list of groups and users are an ever growing number of 'virtual users' that need to be created in order to add direct dials to each user extension's 'Presence' ability and the desk phone's side car / expansion unit (click here for details on why this is needed). These 'virtual users' also appear in the 'Company Contacts' list and really only need to be available for the member of staff for whom they were created.

This means that the 'Company Contacts' list (at the moment) consists of 50% of valid user accounts for staff extensions and 50% invalid entries that should never be dialled.


Add a setting, against each user account in the online portal, that determines that user account's visibility to the company / RC account (excluding the 'super user' of course). The setting would have the following values:
  1. Visible to all users (the default)
  2. Visible to none
  3. Visible to specific members (and allow them to be selected)
Even if the 'visible to specific members' can't be implemented the first two options would clear up the 'Company Contacts' list to only those numbers that can actually be dialled.


This would make the 'Company Contacts' list much cleaner and really represent the staff in the company instead of a long list you have to scroll down to try and find a valid entry. 

This is especially important in the mobile app where screen space is limited and you don't want to scroll if you can help it.

This will also become more important when RC integrate the 'company contact' list with the various desk phone handsets (which have even smaller display screens).
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  • frustrated that such simple functionality is absent

Posted 2 years ago

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Alex Sorochinski

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Any updates on this feature? 
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Becky - Community Support, Official Rep

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This feature is not GA and is still being worked with no ETA. We apologize for the confusion. We will update this thread when it becomes available.
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Fred Elieh

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Becky - This issue seems to have been in the works for (2) years??  Why?  More and more people are asking this?  How can you prioritize this?    We keep seeing the same message regarding the ETA.

Photo of Becky - Community Support

Becky - Community Support, Official Rep

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Fred, I understand and I know it's frustrating. 
We'll share the urgency of your request with the product team and continue to update this thread when we get decisive feedback. 
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Ryan Bauerle

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Appreciate you following this thread Becky.  I've been patiently following this thread since the beginning :).  Our global account has many "Meetings Only" accounts that can't take calls or voicemails, yet we can't hide them from the directory.  Looking forward to one day having this ability.
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Bob Robinson, Champion

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Just my $0.02... There is quite a bit of work that needs to be done to the Contacts side of the RC app.  The integration across devices with Microsoft, Google, and Apple contacts needs to be seamless, and admins need to have the ability to hide companyt numbers in one place and have it propagate across all instances of RC.  The ability to call, fax, SMS, or message someone starts with having the contact information in place and easily accessible.  Hope that this section of the app gets the attention it deserves!
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Becky - Community Support, Official Rep

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Ryan, thanks for your thoughtful response. As you know, we're not intentionally or maliciously disregarding what our customers need. 
With so many balls in the air, we are working very hard to make sure that our customers are satisfied. 
It's a tough balance, but we're committed and we hear you. 

Please stay in touch and please feel free to reach out to us at Community.Support@RingCentral.com to share further feedback or just (kindly) vent. 
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Fred, RC user management appears to share many of the same issues as the admin management tools in the RC messaging/Glip - an acceptable core set of features, and a long backlog of outstanding feature requests (5+ years in some cases).  The features that seem to get completed in recent dev cycles appear to be more related to UI improvements than addressing deficits in core functionality.

At this point, what I typically do is forward links to these community requests to our leadership to demonstrate why I am unable to address their concerns.  When they ask when we can realistically expect the request to be addressed, I always answer that I don't expect any resolution, so that they can plan accordingly.

80-90% of the RC platform really performs well.  The remainder is a frustrating take it or leave it of missing features and unaddressed community feedback.
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Arun Guha

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Wholeheartedly agree with your observations and opinion.
I want to upvote this feature request. I too have users that I don't need everyone knowing about.
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Bradley Jones

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Shame on you RC for taking so long to implement a feature that so MANY of your users need..  I don't want to be the negative Nancy here, but this is taking way too long!  Can we get an update please - even though i believe i already know what that update will be....
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Arun Guha

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This ability to include or exclude user accounts from a Company is an obvious business use case.
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We switched to a hosted 3CX system for our offices that dont use SMS because Ring Central keeps telling us that the feature is coming but never delivers it. We needed something more professional that already has that feature, so we moved most of our users off Ring Central already. I cant say that we will bring our users back to Ring Central in the future, but if they would ever implement this feature, it would definitely give us reason to consider it.