SMS: Ability to receive verification code (short code) via text messages

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Currently, verification code text messages sent from websites like Google do not come through the RingCentral SMS service.  Therefore I am unable to add my RingCentral number as the primary number for Google to use for notifications, which impacts our business negatively.
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  • frustrated that this functionality doesn't currently exist

Posted 6 years ago

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I just found out about this limitation as well, and am very unhappy about it. It's not just services like Google that are unable to send SMS to our RingCentral number. We have several clients who use online SMS service applications that do NOT work when trying to send to RingCentral. The worst part is, there is no message back to the customer that the text failed. It just never goes through. So they think we are ignoring them!

This is a big hole in the SMS service for RC and needs to be resolved.
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Polished Geek

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You can replicate the problem by trying to use any sort of online two factor authentication or automated SMS messaging service, such as with a bank, Google security, notifications from websites via text, etc. Basically texting into a RC number will not work if it's being sent from something that sends text messages online, rather than through a real phone number.
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The Partners portal for RingCentral uses Trumpia for the SMS notification service. It too does not work when trying to get the RingCentral number verified for SMS.
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We really need this feature so we can confirm with reply to our vendors.  We got a text from short number today, and needed to reply to keep appt, and I couldn't and it wouldn't send.  I hope you can include this in your next update.  A big thanks in advance!
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Official Response
Please VOTE in the upper right corner to request this app.
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This is a massive issue. It has still not been resolved and this thread is two months old. Pretty disappointing service from RingCentral.
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2 years ago. still a problem. lol. RingCentral seems to not care too much.
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3 Years ago now. Even more silly than when it was new, and apparently is true for all shortcode sources, not just 2FA sources like Google.

On my system we would get SMS from DHL about delivery status and have exactly (and only) the very first character of each message delivered. . .amazing.
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Polished Geek

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We added another line to our Ring Central recently, and during the sales call the rep started telling me about how I could use my account for texting..... oh, no I can't! Until RC allows all text messages through, not just ones from mobile phones, the text feature is useless to our company.
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Hi Polished Geek LLC,   I double checked with our Tier 3 engineers and was advised that about the only thing we do not support is  "Short Code SMS" .    In most cases it's the underlying carrier that would need to make changes. They have run across other instances where the ULC had to make changes to their sms messaging format to successfully send to RingCentral. The best thing to do is Open a Case with us and also the other SMS sending provider. 
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Polished Geek

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Google verification SMS (for login authentication, for example) doesn't work last I checked. I would think that is a major service provider RC should be able to accept SMS from. Not sure if it comes through as the "Short Code" format you mentioned.
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Agreed that Google verification SMS not working is a HUGE issue. Not even sure how to ask Google to change how they do SMS...
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All of those services use Short Codes. As a reseller of short code and text message marketing, when you have an issue receiving short codes, you are supposed to contact your carrier. In this case, Ring Central is our carrier. We NEED this service to work as Google, banks, and many more organizations are using verification codes that get sent out via short code. Please have your team work on this as it is a huge hole in your service.
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100% agree with this ancient issue's importance. RC is our phone provider and it is missing a critical feature - receiving inbound automated verification code texts is not optional it is essential..
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This has become a pretty huge issue for us as well. If you are going to have integrations with Google apps, it only makes sense that you work on the capability to at least receive short codes from Google. For those that use gmail and the RC chrome extension for work, it probably makes sense to be able to use their work number as a verification or recovery phone number.
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No, we need it for MS 365 and many other web apps too.
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I want to get rid of my Cell Number and go to Ring Central all together and this texting is a huge issue. I just tried it again with SKYPE, Google and MS 365 and it will not work.
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This is a huge issue. We need it to work with Google at the very least. Microsoft as well would be useful. 
We do not want our users to be forced to use their personal phones to set up security on office Google accounts.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Do you support short code text messages?.

I'm trying to setup something with my bank but they can only send text messages to those whose carriers support short code messaging.

Do you accept short code text messaging?
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Official Response
Regarding verification codes, there are 2 types of code and RingCentral does not currently support short code.  That is why verification codes will not be accepted. 


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Hi Kim,  I just voted after a long conversation with RC.  More and more companies are using short code texting and global companies such as Facebook Google and Instagram as well.  My issue directly impacts my business.  I am a realtor and many of the multiple listing services such as also use short code texting.  I am unable to use my RC account due to lack of this feature.  It has been 4 years now and your users are still waiting.  I hope someone takes notice before we start switching providers.   
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Must say the Official Response was not helpful. Explaining the scope of the problem is not the same thing as resolving it.
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Linda Couch

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I'm trying to use it with a live chat app I've enabled on our website. The chat agent is set up in the app by entering their text number and clicking 'verify.' The chat app then texts a verification code to the phone number, but it won't come through to my RingCentral number. It works without a problem when I use my "real" cell phone number. But we want to use RingCentral numbers because we want our agents to be able to message back and forth using their computers, not their personal cell phones.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled FEATURE REQUEST: Not recieveing shortcode from Google.

Would be a plus if we can receive the short-codes from Google. We do a lot of work with tablets for the customers. Now sometime if wants to ensure that you are the right person and send a code to a phone. rather them entering my cell i would like to be able to enter my work phone.
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I am in the same situation. I collect cold clients through short code text. It has greatly impacted my conversion since my leads no longer come in. I was advised about 2 months ago they were working on it. Yet nothing. I will be forced to shop for another carrier now.  Very disappointing a standard that has been around for years (short code text) is still not supported by this company.
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Is the any plains in the future to support Short Codes. If not i may need to start looking else where for a new carrier.
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Hi, I also have a customer that wants to receive short code via ringcentral sms. Hope this would be implemented soon
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Brian Mueller

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Our entire organization could really use the ability to receive short code texts. This has become a major annoyance recently and as the IT person I am now being accused of selecting an inferior phone service.
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This is beyond ridiculous that I'm unable to receive short code texts. Do you guys realize how many apps today require verification be completed in this manner?

SARONSON, Champion

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Agreed. Very annoying that this doesn't work. This should be a feature.
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RingCentral team, please push this up to your management team.
Texting, including MMS and short code are or maybe even more important than voice today.
RingCentral is playing catch up here. 
Texting is for sure more important than email when reaching out to consumers. 
Startups Zipwhip and even traditional carriers seem to be moving faster than you.
We need you to close the gap - fast!
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Hard to believe but I support upvote / escalating this 3 year old issue as it is increasingly important every day.
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LaTonya Olivier

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I cannot request my employees to use the Ring Central Ap ONLY for our work until this works absolutely, every time.  We require quick responses and ability to work with short codes.  When can we expect it to be implemented?  An update more recent than 3 months ago would be helpful.
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Sorry we still can't give you a specific date, but we are very close. We are updating internal systems, but once we start pushing the new Desktop app and Mobile apps out it will still take a few more weeks. 
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Are you guys any closer to knowing a release date for this feature?   This is a major issue for me as well!
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Hello J Canaan Greene,

Sorry, we haven't received an ETA on this yet. As soon as we do, we will update this thread!
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It has been 4 years now!!!!

What are you guys doing???

We have been unable to sign into Google and as we submit forgot password it says the verification code will be sent to our telephone number which is actually a landline number registered with Ringcentral.

Unfortunately since RC cannot retrieve SMS on their numbers this has meant we cannot log into Google, despite trying all other methods to retrieve the password from Google separately.

Kurt Mackay in their support team confirmed that this feature was available in the US but not the UK which is very disappointing. Further disappointment is that I can see from the other threads that this feature has been requested by other users too, some which have requested this almost 4 years ago but the developers seem to have brushed this off.

If this is not implemented then I guess we will have to disengege with RC, not that i think they care anyway.
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I see we can recieve shrot codes, but can you make it so that we can respond and send messages to short coees?

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Sterling Academy

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N A Joe says that he can receive short codes, but I could find no texts on the desktop version or on my phone app where an expected short code text arrived.  I was unable to set up my RingCentral number at Google.
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Russ Stewart

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This matters to me as well... We are a Ring Central partner and this has already upset several customers...
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Grounds Keeping

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I am looking at the past posts and this issue has been a problem for over 3 years. How long will it take them to impliment this feature? This is the type of issue that will have me looking for another service provider.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Short code request.

Short Code: Texting with 5 digit # instead of phone number