SMS: Ability to receive verification code (short code) via text messages

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Currently, verification code text messages sent from websites like Google do not come through the RingCentral SMS service.  Therefore I am unable to add my RingCentral number as the primary number for Google to use for notifications, which impacts our business negatively.
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Kings Hall

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  • frustrated that this functionality doesn't currently exist

Posted 6 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Can't add my ringcentral # to My Info section on FB, didn't accept to send me a t....

Can't add my ringcentral # to My Info section on FB, didn't accept to send me a text for verification.
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Sorry for the frustration folks. We just checked with our product team and unfortunately support for short code is still not on the road-map so we don't have any date if or when this will happen. 

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Russ Stewart

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Glad to see someone at least responding form Ring Central. 
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Andrew Wiggin

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How about now? 2 factor authentication is everywhere & frequently uses short code.

In fact, it is an IRS regulation: "Publication 1075, Tax Information Security Guidelines for Federal, State, and Local Agencies (Pub. 1075) requires that all access to federal tax information (FTI) occurs from agency-owned equipment. It also requires that any remote access has multi-factor authentication implemented."
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Hey Andrew, right now we support receiving SMS from short codes, however, we don't support responding just yet.
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SO this works now, Saadet? The status show as in consideration. As you can tell from the thread this issue is a biggie for a lot of us. If it now allows us to register an RC Phone with websites and recieve verification texts please ring the bell and let us know this is actually available!!

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I have to be honest here...this is some real bullish!t.  My problem is that you guys updated with support for SMS, no one realizing this does not include special text messages called short-codes, so we start using our numbers for Apple verifications, which actually ends up working to complete two-factor setup.  Then, when we try to use it later, we do not receive the "short-code."  Why did it work at first - it's one thing that it's not supported, but why does it work to setup two-factor, then fail on subsequent tries??  Maybe it's Apple, maybe it's ring central...either way, it all sucks.  If you guys are really the hot-shit in the industry that you say you are, prove it...prove to us that it's actually 2018 already.


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All services with short codes are not working, we need WhatsApp support
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We have a 150 line Ringcentral account that was set up in August just for the use of two factor codes from Google, Instagram, Facebook. The service worked perfectly until the end of the year. Something changed in January 2019 and now we no longer receive short code messages. We are now forced to look for other options even if it means buying 150 sim cards and multiple "cell boxes" to be able to receive short codes. I hope RingCentral can fix this soon because 150 lines is not a small account to be losing.
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Technical Support

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With the PC RingCentral Phone version or 10.3, the SMS does NOT correctly render a UCS-2 encoded message with a Unicode zero-width-joiner at the start of the message. 

The message renders with the text "u200D" rather than the Unicode 

Please render the Unicode going forward. 
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Andrew Wiggin

  • 202 Points 100 badge 2x thumb - home of the QuickBooks Online Platform, requires SMS Short Code:

For those of you doing a google search:
ringcentral cannot receive sms from intuit
Intuit 2 factor authentication sms fail RingCentral
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vladimir alvarez

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How can it be that after 5 years this has not been implemented. This is quite a failure. I used my ring central number for yelp and now I'm stuck since I can't reset it or delete it from their system and I can't get it setup. 
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This shortcoming prevents business clients (like us) from using RC as primary phone system as it does not support the necessary SMS capability for MultiFactor Authentication (and other verification texts).

The gap forces every person have at least one other non-RC phone, which is both a functionality and marketing fail for RC. This is forcing people to use an alternate phone, deprecating the value proposition of the RC solution and increasing your risk of customer attrition. Pretty fundamental marketing requirement to eliminate the need for a direct competitor solution due to a functionality gap.

The importance of this fix cannot be overstated... it is mission critical for RC as a business solution... and it was supposed to be delivered 3 years ago.

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This was very annoying...

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Ruslan Allahverdi

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Common Ring central team! This is really required feature today!
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Even worse when you cannot receive one from your bank! 
We have to buy cell phones to get around this. Unbelievable service gap.
And yes, I tried adding to the Bank's list exactly like you did. Fail.
seriously, nowadays the service is used very often so it should be available by now March 2020. Do you expect to release it soon?
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Larry Bradford

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This is rediculous.  Someone got my business line and texts spam daily.  I can't stop it.  I can't block it.  I am extremely frustrated.