Ability to Respond to Group Messages from Outside Numbers

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It appears that there is a known bug in group texting now that the MMS feature has been deployed.  I opened a support ticket - I think ticket 50034? and was told this is a known issue.

Here is the scenario:
  1. Customer (not RC) sends a 'group' message to multiple people at our company (all RC).
  2. All employees/users receive the message.
  3. One or more employees attempt to reply and receives the error below:
"Message is not sent.  Recipient extension is not found."

I am assuming this is due to the fact that the system doesn't realize the other user is an "internal" user and thus does not translate the external number to an internal extension.

Please help as this is VERY FRUSTRATING since we have customers text more than they email.
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Posted 2 years ago

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For some reason, RC does not think this is a problem. It goes to show that RC employees only use texting with their RC number for internal communication. I have been looking for another texting solution for myself and my clients but so far I have not found a good solution. If I give out my cell phone number for texting, everyone will call me on my cell phone. If they do that, I wouldn't have much use for RC. RC thinks everyone should use GLIP for texting which is not going to happen. This may kill a sale for a 170 seat client. They really like RC but texting to clients is a major issue for them.  If RC cared, they would not be ignoring this thread. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Still no Group Text Feature?.

I've really enjoyed using RC (we use the mobile app) but incredibly disappointed that they do not allow you to do a group text.  Instead, it converts group messages into individual messages which we do not want. 

I am not interested in something like Glip or having a directory where I have to add contacts.  In my line of business, we need to group text a few leads and team members who we would not want to add to a contact list/directory.

I've done the research and RC is one of the only VoIP companies who does not support this feature.  Almost all competitors offer this feature, which is why I may have to switch companies after my year is up.  Not to mention, 90% of smartphones support this feature with their stock messaging application.  

This feature has been an ongoing request for over four years (see below).  RC prides itself on customer service and "taking requests seriously", but they haven't released any updates or developments with this in over four years that I am aware of.  I've yet to receive an answer as to the "why" behind this feature not being implemented in over four years.  


I actually sent a feature request over a month ago to corporate RC and I got a very standardized reply, which did not include any updates or plans for this release.

For other users who need this request, what is your workaround?  Do you just have to send out individual texts?
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Whenever I receive a text where the sender has copied others , I cannot respond back with a reply, as all the group phone numbers show only as "null,null". So I'm seeing what someone else is saying in the string, but I cannot even tell who else is in it to be able to respond back individually.
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Please add group text message feature/ group SMS feature from the RC glip, desktop app and smartphone app. Thanks!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled enable multiple recepient when sending SMS.

each user should have an option to send SMS on multiple recepient
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But it doesn't work , unless all recipients are part of RC Group