Ability to send a call queue call to voicemail if unavailable...

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Our team use multiple tools to communicate with our users. RingCentral is our main phone solution, but we also utilize GoToMeeting and Skype.

Assume we have two people set up in a call group named Support. If PersonA is on a RingCentral call and PersonB is on a Skype call. It makes sense that PersonB will see the call ring in. When PersonB hits the Red button to dismiss the call, it doesn't go to voicemail. The call goes back to the queue and rings PersonB again until the Max Ring Time is reached.

There should be a way, like a direct extension call, to send the call to voicemail. Or a rule that if PersonA is busy and PersonB declines the call it goes to voicemail.

It is not an acceptable use case for PersonB to change their RingCentral status to Do Not Disturb when using another telephony tool. The user will likely forget to set it back to available.

Assuming each incoming call has an ID in RingCentral. If the Call with ID 101 is declined by all agents then go to voicemail.

Does that make sense?

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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Posted 3 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ability to send a call queue call to voicemail, when call is rejected.

  1. Account type :[T1_RCO_2_P]
  2. A brief description of the business : not discussed
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested: customer would like to be able to reject a call and have caller go to voicemail, instead of returning them to the queue and going through the cycle of contacting the extension since it is still available.
  4. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: A call would come in. If customer is in a meeting, he can choose to send caller to voicemail so that it doesn't cycle back to him as he's not on a call/he is available. 
  5. Benefit of such feature: Ease of use. While setting ext on DND is easy enough to do, it's also easy to forget to turn it off. Also, this way, the caller doesn't end up in a queue for a long time for an available representative, and can just be sent to voicemail, since (for example, a meeting) they know they wouldn't be able to answer the customer right away. 
  6. Include any related case number if applicable: 05770965 
  7. Number of Users and/or Digital Lines: 17 users. 10 digital lines. 
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i think if personB is on a call on another format they should log out of the queue or be on DND as to have the call bypass them. if thats not a good idea, then yes there should be a way for them to be in queue and still send the call to voicemail, although you then risk enployees sending more calls tyo voicemail with an excuse of " i was on skype" or "i was busy" id think. just my 2 cents.
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We're a small company, 6 employees. Two of the team are dedicated to technical support. It is not uncommon that they are working together on an issue or in a meeting.

I would rather they not logout because while in a Skype meeting together, they still monitor incoming calls and if it is a call they were waiting for, they would switch over.

Also, if they logout, they may forget to log back in.

Adding the ability to send to voicemail is such an easy solution to this issue. The functionality exists in the direct extension call queue.