Add Additional Star-Key or # Key Commands

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Numerous customers have asked for this simple feature in the forums but it seems the only answer ever provided is to use Presence or call queues or some other routing arrangement that isn't what the customer wants or may not be ideal for the situation.

Call Pickup is a simple feature that all phones support natively if they have a * (star) key (which all do).  It's a star-key sequence that is similar to those used for Call Park or to initiate Call Recording.

Using Presence is not a good solution, as it requires the purchase of (not only) a more expensive phone, but add-on modules as well (often more expensive per-module than the phone) in order to cover all phones in a given department or company, and in some cases the other features of Presence are not needed (as in our case - we just want the ability to pickup a ringing phone at someone else's extension without physically getting up and walking over there, we don't need to monitor who is on their phone).

Call Queues and Shared lines are also not a good solution - Managers and Executives don't want their calls going to a queue or ringing at multiple locations.   They also don't want to have to remember to put a phone on DND if they step away for a moment or are busy having a conversation with someone in their office. 

Given that it's a simple and basic feature that all phones support and nearly every provider offers (in fact, RC is the first I've encountered that doesn't seem to offer Call Pickup) and you have many customers who want this feature, I respectfully suggest that you add this feature.
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Dear Ring Central:  Could you please make this a priority?  Or if you already have it, could you get us the rosetta stone so we can crack the code on how to use it?

Thank you,

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After some investigation on the phone administration, the star-key sequence ID needs to be added to their server to identify call groups so when one enters the combination it knows which phones to check for. As it stands now, the function is built in to the phones and ready to go, only grouping needs to be assigned. I've liked this post, since it is indeed a necessary core mechanic that should be implemented ASAP.
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Josh Youngblood

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In the original post it describes what we all want:  "Call Pickup".  I'll summarize again.

Description:  There should be a star-key function for general Call Pickup.  *84 would be a fine star-key option for this since it's not used for anything else.  This feature would allow a user to pickup any line that is currently ringing.  NOTE:  this is different than Presence because Presence requires the user to have a phone that has the presence button for the person/line they want to pick up.  This feature allows pickup of any ringing line.  

Use Case:  A desk phone rings in the office.  The user does not know which phone is ringing but is required by company policy to answer any ringing phone that is not being answered.  The user also has a phone that supports limited presence buttons and does not have an expansion module.  The user can then dial *84 to "Pickup" the incoming call, regardless of who it is coming into.  

Value:  MAJOR.  Like I said in my previous post, we have a client that is looking to switch off RC because this feature doesn't exist.  They had this in their previous phone system.
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Count my vote for the call pickup feature too.  I'll add that there are usually at least a couple variations to this feature.

1. Directed call pick up.  This is where you would dial a code + extension to pickup that specific extension.

2. Group pick up.  This is where a group of extensions needs to be predefined and then any user in the group dials a code and it will answer any other ringing phone in the same group.

Last, most systems also allow this feature to be enabled/disabled via class of service because of course some users would object to the fact that any other user could answer their calls at any time.
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Josh Youngblood

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Agreed!  One option for RC to implement this could be to configure the "permissions" of this the same way you configure Presence for the user to allow only certain people to answer their calls.  The additional feature here would be to allow the star-key pickup in addition to the presence soft-key.