Add Alternative Host Feature in RingCentral Meetings

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If you would like to be able to assign an Alternative Host while scheduling an RC Meeting, please vote!

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Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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Posted 8 months ago

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Photo of Bradley Bleeker

Bradley Bleeker

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Sign me up!  This is a great potential feature.
Photo of Alex Yandukin

Alex Yandukin

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A necessary feature if you are unable to attend a meeting you scheduled.
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Crucial feature to allow users to schedule meetings for each other
Photo of Jeff Driver

Jeff Driver

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GoToMeeting calls this Co-Organizer.  I think that's why you have lots of people asking for co-hosts, but this is what they really want if you read the comments.
Photo of Sabra Gore

Sabra Gore

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Yes. Could use that feature today.
Photo of Cris Bergin

Cris Bergin

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This is a really important feature. I don't understand why you need your clients to vote on this option before you run with it. Clearly based on all the comments here and other places under "co-hosts" RC should see that this is a NECESSARY feature we all need.
This is a must have feature. Please implement ASAP, we have managers begging for this.
Photo of James Bradd

James Bradd

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Please please please extend this to webinars! This is present in Zoom and was a huge disappointment when we moved over to RingCentral!
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One of the only major drawbacks I have seen coming from GotoMeeting.  Still have a couple weeks left in our RC trial
Photo of Jeff Faber

Jeff Faber

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please please please, this is so important!

Photo of Robert Morris

Robert Morris

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this is a vital feature for our enterprise...we are standardized on RC, but other departments use competitive products.  Before we can go with a single vendor, we need alternate/co-host for standard and webinar meetings, please.
Photo of Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson

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Must have in order to migrate away from GoToMeeting.
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We need this to move completely from Webex. 
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We're trying to eliminate our GoToMeeting licensing as well and we need this functionality with RCM.
Photo of Victor Herrera

Victor Herrera

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This would be a great feature to add as your competitors support this. Seems like a basic feature.
Photo of Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson

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Please add alternate host functionality. During training, the Ring Central rep said this functionality was already in place. 
Photo of Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson

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Was this functionality approved? The Ring Central rep said this functionality was already in place. 
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Although I couldn't find a Knowledgebase article, this feature is available. There are some settings that needs to be configured before it's usable. 

1) Person A will have to log into their RingCentral account via web browser
2) Go to Settings - User Details - Settings & Permissions
3) There should be a "Schedule Meetings for Me". Click edit, and select Person B. Save.
4) Now, Person B can schedule meetings for Person A (This can only be done from the RingCentral Meetings app, and it'll look like the screenshot from above).

Note: They may need to exit out of the RingCentral Meetings app before this works. (Click on the drop-down next to your name, and select Exit)
Note 2: If you feel like being nice, you can perform the above for your end-users in the Admin Portal.

Hope this helps!
Photo of Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson

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The functionality you outlined is more for an executive to have his assistant schedule meetings on his behalf. I wouldn't want all my users to be able to schedule a meeting for another person. The functionality that is being requested is the ability to setup a call with multiple hosts for just one meeting. If Person A is sick, Person B can start the meeting.
Photo of Saadet - Community Support

Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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Hey Frank, at this time we offer the Schedule on Behalf of functionality but not the Alternative Host, which is different. I haven't heard of an ETA regarding the Alternative Host feature but I'll be sure to ask again during my next meeting with the Product Team :)
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Adding that our company could use the co-organizer feature as well.
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Please don't be Salesforce and wait 7 years to implement something simple.
Photo of Jodie Macariola

Jodie Macariola

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I'm looking for this feature as well.  This is definitely a missing feature in comparison to GoToMeeting.  In GTM it's called a Co-Organizer.  Our organization is going to really miss this feature once we make this switch.

My use case: I am setting up a call for myself, a teammate, and a customer.  I want my teammate to be able to start the meeting without me or if I cannot make it.  But I don't want the meeting to start if the customer signs in before either of us.  I have several meetings like this with different teammates for different customers.  In other cases, I am holding meetings where I definitely need to kick it off and in those cases I would not establish a co-organizer.  

Photo of Steph Schreyer

Steph Schreyer

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This feature is really important.  Often I invite one or more team members to the meeting to help run it or even take the lead if I am running late from a previous meeting.  Gotomeeting and other meeting programs have this feature.
Photo of Ann Meller

Ann Meller

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I can't believe you don't have this feature already. What if the original host is out of commission... you just... don't have the meeting? 
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If the option for start without host isn't selected... yes, unfortunately :( Someone else could spin a different meeting up and send to all attendees.