Add Alternative Host Feature in RingCentral Meetings

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If you would like to be able to assign an Alternative Host while scheduling an RC Meeting, please vote!

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Posted 11 months ago

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Heidi Ryan

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This would be VERY helpful.  As someone who helps to maintain a development list, I'd put this one near the top!
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Ben Watson

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Please enable this functionality! I don't understand why there would be a technical or development hold up with this, as other posters have mentioned it's already a Zoom feature and it seems like all RingCentral needs to do is turn it on.
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For what is it worth, my company is transitioning from GoToMeeting to RingCentral Meetings and I have instructed my group to resist this change until Alternative Host is available. I consider RingCentral Meetings superior to GoToMeeting, but Alternative Host is a must-have feature for my team.
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Randy Edler

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The support for this shows the importance , as many have said there are so many times where you schedule a meeting, something comes up , you need to throw a co-organizer in GoToMeetings terminology or Alternative Host in Zoom terminology onto the meeting last minute versus sending out new updates as another person and having the meeting start 20 minutes late as everyone tries to figure out whats going on. Our GoToMeeting licenses are up for renewal in October and I am hoping that we do not have to stay with their product just because RC Meetings doesn't have a feature thats been in Zoom for 2 years.

Version:4.1.8826.0925 - Released September 24, 2017.

  • Meeting feature
    • Schedule meetings with an alternative host
      When you schedule meetings from the Zoom application, you have the option to include alternative hosts.

I am sure the Zoom licensing / partnership costs RingCentral a decent amount to use and rebrand, but how do you expect to compete against the other meeting products if your functionality releases lag behind the Zoom core product by years. Isn't that the point of the partnership is to leave the heavy lifting on Zoom and you can just release the updates in a quicker matter while making money off reselling it? 

With 120+ votes, I would hope that someone could give us an idea of a priority / roadmap to this feature.

Thank you,

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I am hearing rumors of EoY but not before your renewal date Randy. You should contact your Customer Success Manager and emphasize the need with them as well as having everyone you can convince to come on here and up vote (at least) and maybe comment as well. 
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Official Response
Hey all! This feature is on the roadmap :) Currently it is slotted for our Q4 release - as always that could change depending upon circumstances - but it's on the way! YAY! I'll keep you posted as we get closer to that release
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Matt Aguiar

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Best news I've heard today. Thanks, and please do keep us posted!!