Add emoji reactions to glip messages

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we can currently like a post, but can't react to it with an emoji (slack does this)
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Nellisa Lalgee

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Posted 2 years ago

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Kristy Daley

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Jennifer Hoffer

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Yesssss!! That would be amazing. That is really the major difference in going from Slack to Glip that everyone in our office misses and often stops people from responding at all because they don't want to post an emoji as a message vs. being able to just react to the message below it. Honestly, this would be a much appreciated add. 
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Jacki Lucas Neal

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yes - we need this - it makes it more fun in our office communications
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Shelly Hitchens

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Agreed!  I often do not comment on messages because there are no emjois...Emojis make life better.

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Michele Silagy

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Need. This.  Now.  (Insert desperation emoji here)
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Lorelei Matteson

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This would be FANTASTIC!!!
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Luciano Deriu

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Agree with this, quite often in Slack we don't use the 'like' reaction. it makes such a big difference to the atmosphere of a conversation when you can show how much you like something or how happy you are. Or even how worried, sad, disappointed, sympathetic you are. For example...

Not Appropriate:
"I won't be in today, my child is ill"... :like:

"I won't be in today, my child is ill"... :hug: :love:
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Emily Entwistle

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Reactions add a richness to the conversation and avoid spamming everyone with comments.  Much desired feature! Honestly a feature that keeps a lot of people on Slack and resisting the change to Ring Central.
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Alexander Walker

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Very much needed, please add! 
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Michael Barr

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Really need this! 
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Tom Klimek

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This would be a great feature to have and our company would indeed use this.
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We currently use MS Teams with Nextiva and GoToMeeting. We are testing RC to replace all 3. Reaction emojis are definitely something we miss. The request was added two years ago I see. It would be really nice.
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Sandra Middlebrook

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Yes, besides message threading, this is our number one request from users as they really miss the functionality when we moved from slack.