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  1. US account.
  2. 1500 user B2B organization.
  3. Notes.
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RingCentral has a suite of tools to make the average user's life easy, but few tools to make a receptionist's life easy. This is a shame, because the receptionist's role requires them to use RingCentral often...obviously. Their job would be greatly benefited by some pretty simple (IMHO) additions.

This idea is  from our amazing receptionist team, I take credit for none of it.

Allow receptionists to make individual user notes. Receptionists have tons of users that they forward to. From an individual salesperson to a group of recruiters, these users all have their own personal prefrences reguarding how calls are forwarded to them. Our receptionists go, in my opinion, above and beyond by manually keeping an external set of notes for each extensions prefrences (blind transfer only, lunch between 2p-3p, existing client calls only, transfer to "AP" group instead of this user, etc). Their jobs would be worlds easier if they had a simple text box in the RingCentral desktop app that would allow them to keep these notes in RingCentral, making it easier for them to reference.

Bonus brownie points if IT can delegate access to these notes as needed. This sort of built-in collaboration would infinately imrpove the usefulness of the feature, especially for a new hire. Here is a good delegation method:

  1. "IT has access to "notes groups", which are similar to user groups, but with no manager.
  2. When IT assigns a user to a note group, they can see all the notes written on all extensions by members of that note group.
  3. There are two kinds of note group memeber, "editor" and "read only".
  4. Each note group can have as many of either type of member.
  5. Each user always has a "Private notes" section that is only visable to them.
  6. If a user is a member of multiple note groups, they see all notes they have access to, seperated by the group the notes belong to. For example:
Reception Notes:

Blind transfer only. Lunch between 2p-3p Existing client calls only.

Engineering Notes:

Calls for product group "X" only.

Personal Notes:

This guy is so cool!

Look, I get that RC is really into the whole IVR thing, but I feel like there's a pretty substantial set of industries that never will be. Please try to keep human receptionists in mind while developing your platform. They're the first impression a lot of organizations usually have on a new customer. Giving them as many tools as possible to make that first impression as positive as possible will help us all make more money in the long run. :)

Thanks for reading, love your work.

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  • like...just kind of...hopeful, I guess? I don't know, what a weird question to ask.

Posted 2 years ago

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Hello Karim,

Thank you so much for being so thorough and clear in your request! I can definitely see how this would be incredibly useful not only for Receptionists but everyday Users as well :) It has my vote
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Glad to hear it made sense! Hopefully your product team agrees! :)
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I hope so, too! I re-titled this for SEO and searching purposes :)
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Share call history and notes among users..

I am a small office. I want all users in my office to be able to log notes from each call. I also want all users to see the notes and call details from calls that other users made / received. I expect that I will have to use a CRM to complete this. I currently have Zoho, but I have not figured out how to do this. It might be possible to do it by purchasing an account for each of my Ring Central users. I might be willing to do this but prefer to not have to do so. I am also willing to use any other products that may accomplish my goal.

To put it in perspective, I used to use a combination of Nextiva and Ringio. Nextiva would forward all calls to Ringio and then Ringio would distribute the calls out to the various Nextiva users. Under this configuration, everyone could see all calls, and it worked really nice.
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I realize this is an older post but came across it looking for something else. Have any of you checked out the Bridge Operator Console that was released last fall? It solves a lot of these issues for receptionists and brings the functionality they need to be more efficient/effective. I'd be happy to answer questions if you have any. Thank you for your consideration. You can launch and use for 30 days at no cost to try it out too.