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I'd like to see a way for users to filter the Company Contacts list by department. I see in the user web portal they can see the department info when they search and click on individual users. I.e., they can see that "John Smith" works for Finance after they click on John Smith in the filter. But it would be better if "Department" were a filter option. This could serve an org chart, e.g., to help a new user understand who works in Finance, who works in HR, etc.

This search functionality should be available in the softphone in addition to the web portal.

Here's the template info:

1. Account type = US
2. The National League of Cities is a resource and advocate for the nation's cities and their leaders
3. New functionality
4. A new user could look up who is in the Finance department, who's in Communications, etc.
5. Users would have greater visibility of who works for what department in the company.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I know if you put "finance" next to whoever is in that department it will bring up all users with that in the department description. I'm also pretty sure it will show up as a selection, i have a school & church under 1 account, and i have the extensions separated into each so that way i can figure out who belongs where. hopefully that helps answer your question. whether users have that visibility i haven't checked into so much. anyway where people being able to see who else works in their department would be useful in some cases i'm sure. you may be able to assign that view under user templates but maybe someone else can shed a little more light on it (eclipse pun intended)
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Thanks, I didn't know the department would turn up in the search results. It tested successfully for me in the web portal's contact search but not in the softphone's contact search.

I'd still like to see the department added as a filter option in both the web portal & softphone so it's more intuitive for new users. 
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I was just about to create a port for this very reason. It would be great if I could sort my directory by the department field. We use the department field to list out office location. For example, each user has their office location in that field and it would be great to sort by this information. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Search contacts by department option using the desktop and mobile application ins....

Search contacts by department option category in the desktop and mobile application instead of the contact name 
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Agreed that this would be an incredibly useful function.
My users need to be able to:
Search for a named person
Search for a member of a team
Search for a person with a job role (or at the very least find that person via a team search)
Since it is possible to record the person's job role on their profile, it makes sense to be able to search for this!

Listing users with the team name works as an interim but doesn't really work with an azure AD sync.