Adding the ability for a call to occur to notify users of an emergency after hours call

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1. US

2. Provide Customer Support for Business Clients using our software

3. We would like for an additional notification type to be added other than an email or text message. We would like a simple automated phone call to occur stating someone left a voicemail on the emergency line.

4. We have a Support Call Queue group that monitors the phones between 8 AM to 5 PM. When customers call after hours, they are given the chance to leave voicemail to be heard the next business day or call for Emergency After Hours support. A notification is then sent to the person in charge of monitoring the after hour calls that a voicemail was left. The person then reviews the phone call and calls the appropriate support representative. At our company the CEO or President is responsible for listening to these after hour voicemails and then calling the support rep. As these phone calls may come in at 1AM they are not monitoring emails or texts for notifications. A phone call alerting them that a call occurred wakes them up and they are able to listen to the voicemail for context. The voicemail is then also forwarded to the support rep to listen and then respond. 

5. By having a phone call delivered it ensures that the user will have an audible notification and does not require users to monitor their emails and text message delivery services can sometimes be unreliable. Since it is an emergency line a quick response is desired.

6. 30 Users. 
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Posted 11 months ago

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USA-based acct | 2287 Users | 3800 DID lines | 28 sites | all Polycom VVX500 phone handsets

This is a strong need among folks with large numbers of users in public buildings.   

We have been experimenting with creating a RingGroup to include 12 members of front office staff  to have a unique ring tone when an Emergency line is called by a staff member in the system.

We have 28 different geographical sites, so this needs to be programmed in place at each site on those desk phones - while this is not the same solution you are proposing.

Yours is a better solution by far,   We need a unique pre-agreed upon ring tone to be able to be broadcast to all users at a site in the event of an Active Shooter, or Intrusion alert or any other emergency requiring :

A Full Site Lockdown
A Shelter In Place
An Active Shooter
A Bomb Threat 


This should not be some extra PAID SERVICE you have to pay extra for on any RingCentral account - it should be available as part of basic service offered to all RingCentral accounts of all service levels. 

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Unfortunately Ring Central can't do this.  While we should not have to go to a 3rd party this is what is needed.  I've found a few: VictorOps, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, AlertOps.  They all do a lot more than what you likely need but they can solve the problem fairly well. Some even offer free tiers which may be enough for you.  

The setup is to have the RingCentral send an email to the service.  The service can then be configured to do all kinds of notification (email, SMS, voice, app push, etc) to whomever you want.  They can also handle escalation if needed.  
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Well I have a IFTTT script setup to receive an email from Ring Central and then may a computer generated call to the users. It works for the most part but IFTTT seems to have issues at the beginning of months. There isn't anything to prevent Ring Central from building out the same functionality.