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Customer wants to have the ability to use 2 computers and one deskphone on a single line on the account. And can receive and dial out from his 2 computer app and one deskhone without deauthorizing the existing computer on his softphone line.

Account type  (U.S., Canada, UK,  AT&T, Telus, BT): USA brief description of the business : ALL STEEL NW
A high level description of the product or feature being requested: URGENT
A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: Wants to have 2 free softphones on his two separate computers with a deskphone using a single digital line.
Benefit of such feature: Low cost
Include any related case number if applicable: The line is currently assigned to his office computer and a regular cisco phone. He wants to be able to receive and make calls as well using his home computer without adding a second line on his extension.
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Edgardo Camon Jr, Employee

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Posted 3 years ago

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Bob Dell Isola

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This would be HUGE and is a critical feature.  I understand protecting for revenue or against theft of service, so I would certainly be comfortable with signing on from home and having it automatically sign out of my office instance, so that only one computer is ever active at a time.  This is already done by many software programs, so I don't think it should be too difficult to make happen.

That way, everyone wins!
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Hi Edgardo / Bob

Wow we've only just signed up to Ringcentral but you guys already knew that if you are logged in to your Soft Phone at one location and want to use it at another location you get the following obstructive message:

[At this point my eyes closed, my shoulders dropped and I realised that I had been stopped from carrying out the simplest of tasks - Your brand new phone system is here to stop you making phone calls]
[it goes on to explain how to waste your time doing something completely different from what you need to which is making the phone call you wanted to - so 99% of you swear (I did), pick up your mobile and make a call from that instead - Solution Failure!!!]

You have reached the limit of maximum
allowed Softphone installations. As a result,
outbound calling is not available.
Enable it by de-authorising one of your 
1. Log in your online account
2. Go to "Settings" >> Phone & numbers"
3. Select "Softphone"
4. Click on "De-authorise this computer"

[This pop up window should be immediately disabled and at worst replaced with a button that performs this procedure within a click. Life is too short...]

I think it is very small minded that Ringcentral only allow one Softphone on one Computer to work properly at any one time. You should be allowed at least 2 softphones on a main computer & laptop or a home computer & office computer or maybe as many computers as you like!!! or maybe we will have to settle for within reason ie 3 computers (Home, Office, Laptop) and when you call from one of those computers it disables the call out capability of the others (this is just to preserve the business model so that the whole company is not running off one paid digital line - how hard can that be?). 

The beauty of this approach is that the end User - the client gets to use Ringcentral for what its meant for ie Making Phone calls - not go on a tech support / settings roller coaster ride each time they want to achieve this simple task. After all its the 21st Century and some companies actually let you make FREE calls over the internet...whatever next...

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