Agents receiving consults from other agents with no customer on hold does not play an audible "beep" in their headset

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Currently we have a scenario that's frustrating to deal with where an agent will need to consult with another team/skill in our Contact Center. The receiving agent getting the call will not hear an audible "beep" indicating that they just received a call. They only realize they just got a call because randomly they start to hear background noise or breathing in their headset. This scenario only occurs when the agent that's consulting does not have a customer on hold. When the agent has a customer on hold, and they consult with another team/skill the beep will play for the receiving agent no problem. We've confirmed with support that this is unfortunately working as designed, but would be great if we could possibly implement it so that when an agent get's an internal call from another agent (regardless if there's a customer on the phone or not) that an audible "beep" will always play. 

We've also been playing around with the A/V notifications in MAX but the user experience has not been too great, as the beeping noise will play for every contact/interaction (email, VM, etc) and even when you refresh MAX with F5 it again, plays that A/V notification beep which is different than the one that's setup for normal interactions when a call comes through.
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