All calls go straight to voice mail. How do I fix this?

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I need to fix this problem: all my calls go straight to voice mail. I have checked all my settings and I still cannot figure this out.
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Posted 2 years ago

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This is a common configuration question. There is a trouble shooting Knowledge Based article which covers your question.....
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Typically this is either because you have inadvertently hit DND on the phone or when you recorded via the voice admin settings, you recorded an introductory greeting (2 then 2 then 1) instead of voicemail greeting (2/2/2) and it just sounds like your calls are going straight to voicemail. The only other possibility I know of is that you set your hours of availability and the calls going straight to voicemail are outside of those hours.
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Hello Kelly, 

There are 4 main causes that will cause calls to go to voicemail, so I will include a description of them below and how you can resolve them: 

1. The phone or the extension is in DND- So if the account is in Do no disturb then by default our system will start routing all calls to voicemail. You will want to ensure that your desk phone or desktop application are not in DND and if they are not then I would still recommend that you log into your RingCentral Account directly through our service portal ( since if the status was enabled in error and changed back quickly or if you have any signaling issues it may have caused our servers to not sync its status correctly. 

2. The users voicemail greeting is accidentally uploaded to their user greeting- The user greeting will be located under the Screening, Greetings, and Hold Music section of the user settings and this recording will play before the call even routes to a phone (usually used to have a 911 disclaimer on accounts that are used by medical offices). If this is the issue you will notice that you will hear the line ring after the recording plays, since the call is trying to connect to your devices. So if the recording is uploaded here incorrectly you will need to download the recording, disable the user greeting, and then reupload that recording under the messages and notifications section of the account to make sure the voicemail recording plays only if the call is missed. 

3. Incorrect user hours- If your users hours are incorrect by default any calls that come during afterhours will go straight to voicemail. You can confirm that the hours are correctly set by going to your user settings> user details> Settings & Permissions> User Hours. Those hours will be based off the timezone set in the Regional settings which is right next to user hours. 

4.The phone is either unregistered or stuck in a busy status- If the phone is unregistered then you will not be able to make any calls at all from the phone, if you can still make calls from the phone then it may possibly be stuck in a busy status. There really is no way to confirm from your end since it would only be seen in our backend logs but luckily it is usually a simple fix. If you hard reboot the phone by unplugging it waiting about 20 seconds and plugging it back in it will force the phone to re-register and update its status getting the phone out of that "busy" status. 

If these do not work then I would recommend either reaching out to your RingCentral admin or to our support line so we can do more indepth troubleshooting with your extension and device. 
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I have had this a few times with customer extensions, when its not the obvious Afterhours or the phone directed DND button, log on direct to the Users Extension Voice manager , and toggle on and off the DND ( top right hand side of Page Green dot ,Red Dot etc.), always clears the problem
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Had same issue but finally figured it out.
Write down the number and ext of phone giving you issues. Will need later.

1. Goto the user account and find status tab, disable the account.
2. Delete the user from the phone. This option will come after the phone has been disabled. located      under status 
3. Locate the unassigned tab under users.
4. Add the user information to phone
5. Goto Users and locate the user.
6. Change the Extension back to original.
7. re sync and test