Allow a delay setting so that Desktop App can ring before Mobile App

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This conversation has been merged. Please reference the main conversation: Control ring order of Desktop App and Mobile App.

Specifically, the Desktop App needs to be treated separately from the Smartphone App.

Ideally, it would be best if software would know if you were active on the desktop app or not, and forward to your mobile app (assuming you were logged in and open to receive calls) if you were idle.  Slack does this beautifully.

However, the easiest way to do this currently would be to allow users to set their desktop app to ring for a certain amount of time, then forward calls to their smartphone app. 

As it stands right now, if I stay logged in to both the desktop app and the smartphone apps, I get calls in both places.  This is quite annoying. 
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Posted 4 years ago

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Truman King,   I'll move your post to a new Idea topic. This isn't currently possible because the mobile app and desktop app basically function the same way. I can't promise this will ever be developed but our Product Team will review this. 

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Separate the function of RC for Windows and the RC smartphone app.

We would like to be able to have calls come into the RC for Windows software, ring for 30 seconds, and then forward to the RC smartphone app.  To do that RC needs to separate the function of the two programs. 
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We want this feature!  Ringing at the same time is highly annoying.  Because of this everyone has removed the mobile app, which has eliminated one of the main features we signed up with RC for, the ability to seamlessly answer calls after hours on a mobile phone.
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need this feature.  please separate softphone and mobile so we can have only one ringing.
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This is a great idea! It would be way easier and less annoying if the softphone and mobile app's feature get separated or if possible, just create an option for this.
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i also would like to add, making my desktop ring before my mobile app being an option, id rather calls be forwarded to my mobile after i havent picked up my deskset not before or concurrently. so making any place your calls ring able to be set in whatever order you prefer would be great.
1 physical phone
2 desktop app
3 mobile app

instead of desktop app and mobile ringing together and before my desktop as im stuck with now.

i think there was a previous thread about something similar to this before.
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I'm relatively new to RC but am shocked to find out this isn't possible. As other's said above the lack of this feature greatly diminishes the likelihood of getting our users to leverage the mobile app and diminishes the value of the RC solution.

Differentiating routing for the desktop versus the mobile soft phone shouldn't be difficult. 
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Running into a similar problem where the desktop app only rings for a fraction of a second, then calls go to to the mobile app. Ideally, similar to Chris above, we would want the calls to be routed as:

1) physical phone
2) desktop app
3) mobile app

We are considering disabling the mobile app altogether within the framework of its current limited functionality. 
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We would also like the separation of mobile app and softphone. Currently users are uninstalling mobile app as both of them ringing simultaneously is very annoying. One of your selling points for us was the ability for users to have a roaming office phone. Please ask dev team to look into this.
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couldnt agree more, got to be able to separate the ringers for app and desktop and softphone, they should be 3 separate ringers if desired. tell your friends to vote for this so we get some more feedback, make it happen mike !!!! :)
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We have many clients that would like this functionality as well. Including myself. The only reason i have the mobile app is to help troubleshoot it with clients. I've deleted it many times because it has been a hindrance.

Thank You
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My mobile rings before the desk phone by 30 seconds. Do you know how obnoxious it is to sit and stare at your personal phone ringing waiting for your desk phone to start ringing so you can pick up? I'm at the point where I'm seriously considering deleting the app on days I work in the office and re-downloading every day I work from home.
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You can change that time period in the Call Handling and Forwarding. See the screen capture below.

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My deskphone is a Ringcentral polycom. How do I change the order so It rings that first and then forwards to my desktop app or mobile phone?
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Short answer is, "You can't!" This has been a topic here in the forums for several years.

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