Admin: change users (DND, available, offline)

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As an admin, I should have the ability to change any extensions DND status. If an agent leaves their desk and forgets to remove their phone from the que, I have to log into their extension and change it for them.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hello Jonathan, there is a feature request for this that our engineers are considering adding to the interface. Also, there are new call center functions that will be coming in the future. They are still in the developing stages but the new call center features will be announced before they release them. Any ideas you have for improving features and functionality of the RingCentral platform can be submitted via our community page under the "features" section.
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"They are still in the developing stages but the new call center features will be announced before they release them." This was posted by an employee of Ring Central in this thread over 4 YEARS AGO. The resolution is still not implemented and it is highly unacceptable.
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Will, we absolutely understand your frustration. And we hear you.

Know that we're advocating on your behalf with our Product Teams to help motivate resolutions that will meet our customer's needs. 
Unfortunately, priorities shift and evolve as the need for other features outweigh our ongoing product feature requests. 

We are behind the scenes reminding them what is important to you and will share information to be as transparent as we can going forward.
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Right. Considering the time pending, perhaps advocate the possibility of expanding your Product Team to meet the simple coding request from hundreds of businesses using your service. 
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How is this feature NOT a part of the system. I need it in my small office of 15... I couldn't imagine how important this would be on a larger scale. Come on folks. 
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Nick Erickson

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Looks like almost another year since last update from RingCentral. Any updates on where this is on the priority list? Struggling to understand how after 5 years this hasn't been rolled in to another update.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Admins: Allow to enable/disable DND for users.

We are receiving many inbound calls that go through queues

What I would need to be able to do is from a remote location, be able to enable and disable my users DND settings

If they leave the office for the day and do not turn their phone to DND it is making the answering time much longer as it rings through their extension before it sends to the next user in the queue

I would need to access the settings and simply click DND on the users phones who are not in their offices so that I can allow the next person in the queue to answer the call quicker
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Admin should Be able to see if users are "Accepting all calls" and "Not acceptin....

I feel that admins should be able to see if users have their phones set to "Do Not Accept Queue Calls", "Do Not Accept All Calls" & even "Accept all calls". The Hud already shows a green circle next to each name, why cant that change colors or even in the Phone System under # Users.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Admin: DND Remote for Admins.

This would enable administrators to remotely change the DND status of an employee's hard phone.
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It would be really great to have this feature. We are currently trialling the RingCentral system and one of our co-workings is off today, but they didn't turn their DND on before they left. As we don't know their password we are having to text them on their day off to ask them to log in and turn it off.

I know I could disable their account or remove them from the queue, but not only is that like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, I am off next week and I'm worried that I might forget to re-enable their account and that could make a bad situation even worse.

If I could just remotely change their status it would be perfect as that user can just change their status back themselves when they are next in.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Change someone else's status.

As we are transitioning to RC, I'm trying to get my users to use the status feature to help communicate to other people in the office when they are available/when they are going to be away from their desks, when they will be out of the office for a vacation, etc. 

The issue we are running into is when someone is unexpectedly sick or forgets before they leave for an appointment there is no way to update their status to red or gray from green. As the super admin, it would be helpful for our office manager to be able to update the status of people who are unexpectedly out to avoid calls being transferred to their extension. 



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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled DND / Do Not Disturb toggle for Super Admin.

  1. Account type:  U.S.
  2. A brief description of the business:  Home Medical Equipment rental and sales
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested:  I think it would be cool if Super Admin had the ability to toggle DND for users.  I'm new to RingCentral and was trying to setup Call Queue groups and my employees and I could not figure out why the group was showing some people unavaliable when none of us were on the phone.  Finally we called support & first support thought it was the user hours but that was not it.  The support guy figured out that my employees needed to each log into the  With several employees this could take a long time to do and I think it would be Great to give a Super Admin the power to toggle all users DND.
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Joseph Roberts

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Like the others in this thread, I would love the ability to be able to toggle a users DND status. It seems as though this would be standard for admins instead of having to have so many feature request for it. I have employees that work in multiple locations around the world so changing their hours when they forget to logoff is not feasible for me b/c that means I would have to be up in the middle of the night to set them back. Please add this feature so that admins can toggle the DND status. 

Also, admins should be able to see when a user has the "Accept call queue calls" option toggled on/off and toggle this manually if needed. I have found that I have users who will set their status to active but turn this setting off so that they don't receive calls. Please add this to my feature request. 
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George Lasseigne

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I too would vote for this. Sometimes users just forget to set it before they leave on vacation. The admin/super admin can do just about anything, why not this?
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RC, please make this a priority. Super Admins should be provided with the capability to change the user's DND settings.
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Flotech, Champion

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Any update/Time Frame when this feature will be added? 
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Smith, Champion

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After more than 2 years, I cannot believe this has not yet been implemented. PLEASE, RingCentral!
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Eric L

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There are unfortunately a number of features which have been requested for 2+ years that have yet to be implemented.  It really is quite disappointing when newly requested features get implemented before ones like these that have higher counts of "Likes" and have been requested for years.
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Being able to see and manage users' DND status is critical.  We are a 100 + user Office Premium Account, multiple locations with Sales Reps that are frequently having to change status for call queues as well as their extension.  We have no visibility and have to send the info with the steps to check, with no way of being able to verify users are set up correctly.
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03-01-2017 This is an ongoing issue for our organization -  we have Polycom VVX500 handsets getting "stuck" in DND or BUSY mode ---randomly. At this time, we have 3 open support cases on this particular issue - so this post is not to request help with it --- we are mentioning it here because this is an active reason to develop this capability for the Admin Portal. We have over 2000 users in 28 geographically diverse sites so going to "look at the phone" in person is not an option. As an alternative - the ADMIN PORTAL should display the user phone's VLAN IP address so we can manually login to the physical phone quickly to fix it when this happens. 
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Brian Minick

  • 252 Points 250 badge 2x thumb customer and this is frustrating. Over 100 support agents and no one is perfect...we don't use call center for a reason...we are not a callcenter!
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Joseph Roberts

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Welcome aboard, Brian! Grab a seat, look out the window, and enjoy the view because RC isn't going to do anything about this request. 
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Brian Minick

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While I appreciate a feature, this does not solve my problems. As an admin I want to be able to sign my queue members in and out. Not limit how they can do it.
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Agreed, this doesn't solve the problem
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Brandon Hill

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This really needs to be a thing.  We are new to ring central and really struggling with missing features like this.  Esp with call overflow queues are dependent and user statuses.  
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Brandon K

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I'm piling onto this topic because I can't believe a system as advanced as RC can't handle something as basic as allowing queue mangers to log people in and out of the queue.  This creates terrible customer service issues and delays in customers reaching our employees.
Fix IT!
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Mike Gustavson

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This seems very similar to the other thread:

Basically asking for the same thing - the ability for an admin to change a user's status.

Another issue being ignored by RC for years...
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Jeffrey Herzfeld

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This is a must needed feature.
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Joshua Darrin

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There is another thread with this same request - perhaps if RC put all the votes together, it would get some attention. I have been quite vocal about this today. Like this one, the other thread has been open 4 years. I think all development at RC has stopped. The planned items are all 2 years old.
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Jeffrey Herzfeld

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Ring Central, can you please confirm when this will be on the roadmap? Seems to be many users who would like this feature.
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Saadet, Employee

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Hey Jeffrey, it's not on the roadmap for this year. If it's something that makes it to the roadmap next year, I'll update this thread
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S. Crowley

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That is completely ridiculous that admins have ZERO way of keeping employees in the call queues. this is a CRITICAL feature, and 4+ years without any update is bull