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We have 7 different locations with 7 different sites set up.  Three of those locations require a different initial greeting to be played BEFORE the menu option greeting.  How in the world can I make this happen?  My previous phone system was able to do this.  This initial message is based on time of year,holiday, emergency, etc.  The business hours/after hours messages do not change.  In theory, it should list an announcement message, then flow to the menu for open or closed.  Is this a possible solution?
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Tracy Clay

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Posted 4 months ago

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You can use IVR custom rules to send the caller to a specified menu based on time, date, number called.. can you combine the initial greeting with the menu options and use IVR rules pointing to your menus to achieve the goal? 
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Like Elyse said - you can actually create an IVR menu for each phone number you have. So if you have 7 sites, with 7 phone numbers, create an IVR, assign the number to it and configure it through there.

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Tony, the normal setup of IVRs and multi-sites will accomplish Tracy's initial part of her question, BUT it will not handle the requirement of "...message is based on time of year,holiday, emergency...".  As Elyse mentioned you can use the IVR custom rules, BUT then you would have to replicate your entire IVR menu for every different message you want available for one site and you would have to update every different message's IVR whenever you wanted to make a single IVR menu change (eg. change what option 3 does, would have to be updated on every different message's IVR to stay consistent)  The IVR custom rules are only useful for when you want / need to have an entirely different IVR menu for different times (ie. intro message and different menu options)

The only way of making this easy to manage and easy to change the IVR intro message with or without using different IVR menu options is to separate the intro message into 2 messages:  the intro-msg and the menu-instructions.  Then setup things up to be able to use different intro-msgs.  Here is how we do this:
- setup a single (or multiple) IVR menu for each site, but do not include any intro message, just the second half of the intro message with instructions of which numbers to select 
- setup a specific user extension for each site
- set the user extension's "Screening, Greeting" options to setup your normal open and after hours intro message
- set the user extension's "Call Handling - Custom Rules - Screening, Greeting" options to setup your different intro messages based on time or year, holiday, emergency,...

The tricky parts to get this to work are:
- set your location's phone number to go directly to the user extension you setup for the location (not the IVR)
- deactivate all forwarding numbers in the "Call Handling" options, as well as in all of the Custom Rules (this will force all calls to go the Messages functions)
- in the user extension's "Messages" options, unselect (disable) "Take Messages" and then change the "How to handle missed calls" to "Connect directly to a group", and then select a group (which is a list of all of your IVR menu extensions!), also do this in all the Custom Rules

This is a work-around due to IVR extensions not having full custom rule settings that normal user-extensions have available.   Note that this is not just a suggested solution, we do use this setup for several of our sites and it works well.   We can update, add, remove intro messages easily without having to replicate the entire IVR menu each time, just using the same single IVR.   We just adjust the custom rules of the site's user extension (not the IVR)  This method also enables us to use different into messages for different site locations AND use the same IVR for the different locations (eg. both site locations are in the same building and cross-use the same users)

Let me know if you need any help setting this up.
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There isn't a really elegant solution for this, but Michel's method may be the best I know of.