Announcements-Only Extensions: Additional Options

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Announcements-Only Extensions would be much more useful if they had any or all of these additional options:

1) Option to transfer the call to another extension, including the Auto-Attendant, upon announcement completion.

Example Use: When the caller finishes listening to the announcement they can be transferred back to the auto-attendant so if they need to do something else, they don't have to call back. Right now they are silently disconnected. That's almost the worst thing that could happen apart from screaming in their ear.

2) Option to automatically repeat announcement x number of times.

Example Use: If a caller stays on the line they can hear the announcement repeat as often as they need. If by the end of the announcement they forget what the beginning said, just hang on! It's a comin' back.

3) Option for a key-press to transfer the call to another extension. (This seems to work intermittently now only under specific circumstances and not to the auto-attendant.)

Example Use: A caller listens to the announcement (schedule of events) and hears about a concert. They can then transfer themselves to another extension and make a reservation/RSVP.

4) Option for a key-press (#?) to repeat the last x seconds of the announcement during playback.

Example Use: Schedule of events announcement - A caller spaces out and misses the item they were listening for or wants to hear it again to make sure they've written it down correctly. They can press # to repeat the last 10 seconds again.

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Posted 6 years ago

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I second this.
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Steve Johnson

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these all sound great. if nothing else, why can't it play the announcement and then return the caller to the main menu? disconnecting them is extremely rude.
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Vince Conroy

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Yes, would like to have these same features. The Announcement-only extension feature is kind of useless without this.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Announcement only extension: at end, don't hang up but return to auto receptionis....

At the end of a announcement only extension, don't hang up but have it return to auto receptionist automatically.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Changing An Announcement Remotely.

I have an announcement-only extension setup and would like the ability to change the announcement remotely.  However, when I call from my cell phone to
the extension I get caught in a loop.  I
dial our main number, dial the ext, press "*",
enter pin, enter "*", dial "2" and then it just gives me the option to go
back to the previous menu.  Never gives
me an opportunity to record a new announcement.  RC support indicated that you cannot currently change the announcement message by dialing into the system.  Only working method is through the web interface.

There are times that I am not at a computer and need to change an announcement on one of our announcement-only extension.

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Is there still no movement/ETA on this from Ring Central?  Seems like a very basic and common function.
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Randy Pachella

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Repeat Annoucement on announcement only extentions.

It would be helpful to add an option to have the announcement only extension repeat itself 
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Kevin Welling

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Has there been any movement on this or options to do this?  I don't want to have users get a recorded message on directions then get hung up on.

May make me look at other VOIP providers if there's not a way to change the behavior.
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Hi Kevin, sorry, I haven't been given an ETA for this feature
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Wayne Yung

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I also would love to see these features integrated moving forward!

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I thought if you gave the prompt to press a number to go to like a "messages only mailbox" it would do so. I'd assume you should be able to press something to send people out to a menu or other sets of menu options.
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 "press x to repeat this message", and "press x to return the to previous/main menu" would be great options to have on the announcement extensions. I did just test and our default IVR command settings # to repeat message and * to return to previous menu do not work from the announcement extension.
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IT Staff

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I would like the option to replay the message 'x' amount of times and then forward to another extension. The current use does nothing but irritate people calling in who get hung up on. 
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We need the ability to transfer BACK to the main IVR menu AFTER the announcement. It's especially needed now with all these issues with COVID-19