Attachments with FAX CONFIRMATIONS coming soon?

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I was told by a CSR two days ago that "our engineers are currently working on this issue" and that it was a major complaint from RC customers... Is there any estimate of when this crucial upgrade may be available? Lack of this feature is a HUGE NEGATIVE in our early RC experience.
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I agree. This is an important feature and the biggest negative to this online faxing system. We need this feature.
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Hi guys - apologies for the delayed reply. Are you looking for confirmations of failed faxes? If you provide a little more detail I can see where your request stands in our product pipeline.
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What I need is an attachment confirming a successful fax submission that shows a copy of the first page and fax confirmation header. The current system merely sends a text or email saying whether a fax was sent or not. However, that's not good enough. Most regular fax machines have fax confirmations that include part of the first page of the fax and a header that says whether a fax was sent successfully, the time and date stamp, phone number and how many pages. This is a must have feature for businesses and law firms to show proof to a recipient who may deny ever receiving a fax. This is akin to using the Post Office's Certified Mail Return Receipt.
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What we need is to have a copy of the actual fax 'attachment' to be included with the confirmation notice.  This way we can save a record of the successful confirmation AND the full fax together.  This is what our previous Faxmaker client did.  When I initially was speaking to your customer service group, she told me this was one of the biggest customer complaints and was in fact being worked on... is this true?
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I am a big proponent of RC and I got our office to switch to RC from analog fax, but I catch a lot of flack these days because with RC all we know for sure is the fax got "sent" but have no clue if it was actually received in it's entirety. That is really a key function/feature that every method of faxing should have.
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The business I'm in relies heavily on being able to show that a piece of correspondence was received on a specific date. I generally have to snail mail things certified mail-return receipt requested whic is expensive and time consuming. We are now getting the option to fax in items. If I use the fax option, the only thing I'll have to rely on to show the fax was transmitted is the confirmation email from RingCentral. While the notification process is fine, the actual notification term for a successful fax is "sent." As mentioned above, this could be open to interpretation about whether it was actually received. Sounds like this is a common complaint. While I would prefer a confirmation with the first page of the fax and fax header, in the interim, I would settle for a confirmation email that says "success" (or something similar) instead of "sent." How difficult would it be to make that change? This is a dealbreaker for me which will force me to find another efax provider if not resolved soon.
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Yes this is a major flaw that other companies do not have. A fax confirmation email is pointless without at least a copy of the first page of what was faxed. This needs to be addressed very soon or else I will be forced to look elsewhere for fax and phone services.
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I don't think they're listening nor care. This has been a complaint for a while that should have been fixed. If you can get a plain old fax machine to print out a confirmation sheet with the first page copy, you would think an Internet fax company is at least as capable as 30 year old technology. This shows either incompetence or lack of care from this company.
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Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that we do listen to your requests and I'm trying to get some sort of update on this.  I'm not sure if/when this is planned but I'll find out. 

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I agree that confirmations must include attached file info. I am testing RC and have found that of the 3 faxes with attached PDFs, all 3 notify me of being SENT and show up in my online RC SENT box... HOWEVER the receiver only gets the cover page with no knowledge of anything missing. What's up with this?
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Please add this feature. I need fax confirmation sheet showing first page and how many pages are sent successfully. I will have to find another fax provider is this feature is not added. Proof of fax submission is required for work.

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