Call Recording: Ability to disable Call Recording Announcement

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Our company is based in Nebraska which is a one party state.  We talk to clients face to face before we call them.  When we call them and they get a beep right away they hang up.  Since by LAW we do not need to notify people we call, I need an option to turn this feature off immediately as I am currently unable to record calls for training purposes.

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Do you ever receive any calls from anyone in a two-party consent state? I am not a RingCentral employee and I can't speak for RingCentral but I would surmise (and this is only MY opinion) that they would not want to provide an option to turn off the notification to cover themselves legally. You might use such an option (to turn the notification feature off) responsibly but not everyone might.
Thanks for the reply. No we do not receive any calls. I know everyone may not want that.  There are quite a few other Ideas regarding this topic as well and no solution has been provided unfortunately.
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We receive dozens of requests daily and so unfortunately our Product Team does not have time to personally respond to all of them however, they do read these posts and regular reporting is sent to them so they are aware of ideas like this. Unfortunately there is not ETA if they will change this or add more customization features. 
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Here is a workaround.
1. set to custom announcement
2. record the announcement as follows
3. set your phone to mute
4. start and stop it 'as fast as humanly possible'

You now have a momentary, custom announcement -- a fraction of a second -- and the announcement is a blank recording -- so it is not noticed.

There ya go. Done.
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I'll try this, thanks for the workaround
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Yeah this is pretty weak no to be able to record conversations.

I'm hosting a contest and need to record the excited winner when we notify them via phone. Now I have to use another app to do this. This should be optional.

It's definitely not the responsibility of Ring Central to enforce whatever laws may or may not apply. I'm 99% sure a warning popup to the RC customer to "acknowledge you are possibly breaking the law in your state by recording without consent." 

Pretty quick to create a popup that does that and you're covered. Talk to your fancy RC corporate lawyer if you're really scared about this but it's kinda common sense. Or just update your terms of use with a popup for a one time sign off. Tons of ways to remove liability.'s pretty easy to just record system audio...I'm going to do that as a workaround but...
Ring being so strict on this and costing me time.....
I've gone from really excited about Ring Central and a super
Ring Central is kinda weak and doesn't get it, Or they are ultra corporate nervous nellies that aren't listening to their customers. :(
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I have a very simple work around.

Log into your administrator control; Record 1-2 seconds with no noise as your recording start notification and the same for the end notification. Whenever you record a call, Whenever you record a call,It will play that one or two seconds of silence.

Problem solved.

It goes without saying that I take absolutely no responsibility for any legal matters that might arise as a result of my work-around. While I'm not an attorney, I am a resident of a 1-party state. This means that as long as one person on a call knows it is being recorded, it's perfectly legit.