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Since August, I have received an email each month on the same day, at nearly the same time about automatic call recording being turned on. I have not changed this setting at all and I called about this email, thinking it was a possible glitch since there was never a notification that the setting was turned off. I was told by a representative that this email is simply a reoccurring, monthly notification that this setting is turned on.

I suggest that this email is reworded to reflect that it is simply a reoccurring notification that it is on, rather than the current wording which says it has been changed. I have wasted time on several previous calls about who changed this setting and why it occurs every month. Please change this email. 

Thank you
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Posted 6 years ago

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Great minds think alike :)  I just got off a 20 minute call with support about the exact same thing.  I was concerned someone may have gained access to my account because the wording of the email is not clear and looks exactly like the email you get the first time you enable call recording.  In addition I got the email at 4AM local time. This should be a simple fix to simply reword the email to state that it is a reminder.  I would also be nice if the email mentioned the actual extension and username it was referring to for clarity.

Here is what the 30 day 'reminder' email currently looks like for the record:

LogoLogoLogoAutomatic Call Recording settings

Dear Some Company Admin,

An administrator of your RingCentral phone system has turned on automatic call recording on your extension and your calls are now being recorded. You can access your recorded calls in the call log at

Please contact your system administrator with any questions.

Please note that certain state and federal laws apply to call recording, and some states require the consent of both parties before calls can be legally recorded. As a result, you may need to inform third-parties whom you call through the service that their calls are being recorded. Third parties will receive an automated announcement indicating that a call is being recorded only when they call you. You are responsible for obtaining any and all legally-required consents when you make a call with call recording enabled. If you do not provide notice of the recording at the beginning of each outbound call, or otherwise obtain consent, you may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or substantial fines under these laws. You may wish to consult with an attorney before recording any calls. This information does not constitute legal advice.

Copyright 2015 RingCentral, Inc. All rights reserved. RingCentral is a registered trademark of RingCentral, Inc. 1400 Fashion Island Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94404, USA.


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Thank you for the additional information and screenshot! 


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The email content is also misleading since it's not the administrator of the account who make the changes. Kindly update the body of the email as well.
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It's been 2 years, and there hasn't been any change on this.  Here is the first paragraph of the email that was sent to my users:

An administrator of your RingCentral phone system has turned on automatic 
call recording on your extension (xxx) yyy-zzzz, Ext. nnn and your calls 
are now being recorded. You can access your recorded calls in the call log 
Is anyone from RingCentral reading these forums?  It seems extremely trivial for the words "This is just a reminder that" to be added to the beginning of the paragraph.
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yeah it would be nice if it had better wording for when and what type of email / notification it was "reoccurring" "new (i.e. call handling, programming) change" has been made to your extension. maybe saying which admin made the change or not would be a nice touch too.
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TPCoMatt,   Sorry this isn't on the roadmap yet.  But, I wanted to let you know that we do indeed read every single feature request submitted here.  The issue is that we receive hundreds of requests every month and that it's nearly impossible for our Product Team to comment on every post and implement every request.   The best thing for users to do is keep voting on the most wanted features sot hey rise to the top of the list.

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I would ask to see the actual Federal or any State "law" or FCC ruling that requires ANY phone company to EMAIL all their customers' end users. And that they are required to do so, continually, and every month. AND that this needs to be done via email.  (also why is the requirement not daily, quarterly, or yearly, but monthly?). I doubt this requirement exists anywhere as enforced without option by Ring Central, but I always invite to be enlightened.  Users are warned when the system is set up and think some follow up is reasonable but not monthly. Most companies (or should) cover this in their policies so having additional such notifications is just spam.  This is not a roadmap items, but a fix to an improper and misleading communication. Disappointing to me that is continued on for so long. 
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I have had 2 other phone providers before that have recording option and would not get emails monthly. I can understand yearly or quarterly even.
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I agree this should be reworded at a minimum, if not turned off (or at least let us decide as a customer whether this notification goes out).  We cover this in policy and feel the emails are confusing and unnecessary.  Every month I get multiple tickets opened by users who are confused.
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The email needs to be reworded or dropped - It costs us money because the reps spend 1/2 hour discussing what got changed in the phone system. It is confusing and frustrating. 
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I am adding to this as I am currently experiencing this as well. However my actual settings are changing. I am the system admin for our RingCentral. I am not a phone representative and thus don't really use the phone. I do not need my calls recorded and so are set to not record. I began receiving this email June 2019 and immediately changed my settings back to not be recorded both inbound and outbound. I received the email saying that the call recording had been turned off for my extension. I contacted support with no resolution, and I was just told someone changed my settings but everyone who may have been able to change them said they did not. (they all come to me to change settings unless it is an emergency and I am not available.)  

I also received it again in July and apparently the settings had changed again but I forgot to change them back. This month I received it again. I spent over an hour with Tech support to be told it was just an email issue. I am now having to prove that no one has changed this setting in our system, and it is happening on their end. Very frustrating to see this issue has been going on for 5 years, and nothing has been done to fix it!

This is also something they do not include in their audit trail which seem preposterous to me. 
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After receiving this email, I asked my admin about it and he referred me to this thread. I find it absolutly amazing that it has been 4 YEARS and no one from RingCentral has even responded. #RingCentral are you even listening???
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Hi Rene'

As moderators, Saadet and I read every comment and post in our Community. Unfortunately, we haven't heard that this has been planned yet. If that changes, we'll let you know! 
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I am also having this issue each month, but it appears the emails go out to the user on the date the user was created. Not to mention the wording of the emails stating:

"An administrator of your RingCentral phone system has turned on automatic call recording on your extension and your calls are now being recorded."

Since this is not sent out just simply once a month I have to conduct an audit each time a user brings it to my attention, did their line really get turned off and by who, do we still have their recordings etc., this creates a lot of unnecessary work for Ring Central Clients.

This leads their bosses to think at some point the users' calls were not recorded and I am having to prove that no one has changed this setting in our system as an Administrator, to my bosses and pull the users recorded calls. You would think it would be a fairly simple fix to the very least update the email with more appropriate verbiage. "This is a reminder automatic call recording is turned on for your extension etc."

I second the sentiment: "Very frustrating to see this issue has been going on for 5 years, and nothing has been done to fix it!"
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I'm curious how many Sysadmin hours have been wasted in auditing these alerts due to the poorly thought out wording, what that would translate to in dollars, and then compare it to the DevOps time/costs at RingCentral in actually implementing this simple change.

Like I said 3 years(!!!) ago, the text of: "This is just a reminder that..." added to the first paragraph would fix 99% of the unnecessary work being generated by the alert.

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Echoing what others have said here - we would really like the option to turn these email reminders off - or at the very least to change the wording of the emails to reflect that is a reminder and no new changes have been made. Thanks