Automatic Sound Scheme Change when Sharing Screen in Conf Call

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I have a US account, working with an engineering organization that uses ring central in conference rooms and for external calls.  This applies directly to Windows 10, but I believe this will apply to other platforms as well.

So, this feature request is really to address a Windows annoyance during conf calls.  When you are sharing your screen on a conference call, you inevitably get Audio Notifications as set in your Windows Sound Scheme that are disruptive to the meeting.  This can be managed by changing your sound scheme manually in the Control panel, but is very cumbersome, and easy to forget to turn them back on.  

It would be useful to have an option under RingCentral Settings to be able to select a specific Sound Scheme (like one that disables all Notification sounds) such that when you share your screen, that Sound Scheme is automatically selected.  That way, those notification sounds will not disrupt the audio on the conference session.  Similarly, when you stop sharing your screen, the sound scheme should go back to the scheme that was active before you started sharing.  


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