Better Sign On Support for Success Portal

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  3. Success Portal Login enhancement (make it work logically)
  4. Visit click contact support click create case, login using google or single sign on and create case
  5. Reduces user frustration and spares them the insanity of a dystopian Kafkaesque techno-horror when trying to create a support case
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Currently when you try to login to success portal to create a case using single sign on or google credentials you are not returned to the success portal but are instead sent to your ringcentral account.  This behavior is inconsistent with all other aspects of your user experience and makes it more difficult for users to seek assistance.

click contact support
click create a case
login using google credentials

Expected: you are brought to the create a case page (exactly as would happen if logging in via your ringcentral username, extension and password

Actual: You are redirected to the ringcentral admin portal. Going back to the success portal you are then brought in an infinite loop unless you click the teeny tiny "get help" link at the very top of the admin portal. It is the only way to get help in fact.

Suggested solution: Pass a dynamic returnurl consistent with what the user would expect to be directed to if they were already logged in.

This works closer to what is expected if you login to or
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Posted 2 years ago

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2018-07-31    Not sure what you think is so difficult about this   the GET HELP button is clearly at the top bar of everyone's portal login - you can enter a case from there ---  Are you requesting the GET HELP get some sort of large Icon or Different Color ?  
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Yes, I am aware there is a workaround that involved just a few extra clicks (I even mentioned the get help link in my original post), and I'm glad it doesn't frustrate you personally.

My point is that navigation should work in a logical fashion and not drop the user in a different subdomain without explanation, and cookies should work to maintain your sign-in status across different subdomains when appropriate. This is the equivalent of being taken back to gmail every time you login to or or and even once logged in you get taken back to gmail or logged back out when trying to return unless you click the apps icon to get there. Sure it isn't "difficult" to click the apps icon and choose drive or calendar or sheets, but it isn't expected standard behavior and isn't consistent from one login method to another within ringcentral. It makes getting back to a support article more difficult due to all the redirects to nowhere and it generally leads to an experience that could use improvement. Further it isn't all that hard to fix by simply improving the returnurl generation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this is completely unworkable and non-functional and the worst thing ever yadda yadda. I'm just giving feedback for potential improvement to make this work better than it does right now.
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Thanks for comments.  The good news, is that this has been on our radar for quite some time and work has already been started to improve the whole self-service experience. We hope to have much of the dev work done in Q4 but I'm sure some will carry into 2019.  A few high level things you'll likely see in the coming months is a more seamless integration of our whole success site, community, ticketing system, chat, etc, including a better SSO experience for everyone.   

If you, or anyone else has feedback we'd love to hear it.