Block Explicit Content from Text Messages

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RingCentral should offer a way to flag "SPAM" text messages based off of keywords in the same way email hosts are able to. For instance our users all received an explicit text today that should not have been delivered in a work environment. 
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Ben Hoffmire

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Posted 2 years ago

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Dan Davis

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Agree 100%! 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Report text messages/phone numbers as spam/phishing, or fraud.

  1. Account type: US
  2. Business: Law Firm
  3. Description of proposal: We received a spam text message to our main work line that was quite obscene. Although you can "block" numbers, it does not get rid of the problem. You also can't specifically block texts, so it would be great if there's a way to not only report spam/phishing, or fraud, text messages in the future, but also be able to block text messages from phone number specifically.
  4. Case Scenario: If a text message comes through that is spam, you can go to Admin Portal > Call and Text Log > Block number you received a text from
  5. Benefits: Prevent obscene, offensive, embarrassing, virus-threatening, or malware-threatening numbers/links from reaching your device/computer.
  6. Case #: 07103350
  7. Number of Users: 4
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Dan Davis

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Would be nice if there was a proactive method vs a reactive.  RingCentral should have a way to protect the DID (users) from receiving random massages like these.



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Yes, please! I've had three employees get the same explicit message.
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I've had 7 people that have reported this issue to me - who knows how many else. It's unacceptable that we as customers have to deal with such inappropriate content. What is RingCentral doing to look into this? What preventative measures are being taken?

Our entire C-Suite received shockingly vulgar and explicit content via the SMS messages. When I had to explain that it was RingCentral and not their direct lines that were being targeted by this spam, it did not cast your service in a desirable light. There have been grumblings due to this issue alone and any response I've received from RingCentral so far has been fairly dismissive. This is just unacceptable from a service provider.
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Dovie Crouse

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We just had one person get an explicit text as well, via the RingCentral app. Have the instances below also been through the mobile app? I hate to recommend our guys NOT use the app, since it's loaded with helpful features, but this is not acceptable for business services. Is there anything RingCentral is doing to proactively combat this?
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Saadet, Employee

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Hi Dovie,

I haven't received an ETA from our Product Team regarding this but I did bring it to their attention. If I hear anything new I'll update this thread.
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Why does Dev take so long to resolve these issues? I am reading about issues from years ago that are still happening now.
Blocking spam texts should be as easy as spam.
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Brian Snyder

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Agreed. This is happening to us as of the last couple days. Is there a way to stop all texts to our number as we typically on accept phone calls, not texts.

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Stephen Honick

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is there a status on this from rc?

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Hi Stephen, this is not on the roadmap at the moment. If that changes, we'll update this thread
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Patty Gray

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Agreed. We would also like the ability to block all texts.
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Marques Purnell

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My company also have users reporting receiving suspicious/spam text messages. These messages have links on them and we do not want our users to click on them. I already know that we can submit a request with RC Tech Support to disable SMS/Text messaging (on a per user basis) however, we are also inquiring if it is possible to block users from being able to click on the hyperlinks within these suspicious/spam SMS/Text messages.