Block Numbers on Spam Number List

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Block Numbers on Spam Number List provided by Google or any other service having a list of spam numbers
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Posted 3 years ago

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This is getting to the point where our management is considering termination of service, because we are getting so much spam calls.  Not sure what a list would do, though, because so many numbers are spoofed.

I think the wireless/VoIP/Telco industry needs to act on this sooner rather than later.  It's getting to the point of impacting our revenue(time) due to unwanted phone calls coming in. 

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For what it's worth, and as you stated since so many calls are spoofed nowadays, what good would terminating your service with RIngCentral accomplish? Other VoIP services have the same issues, as I've seen evidenced in their support channels and other venues? Terminating your service with one provider to possibly have just as bad a situation with another provider is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Some businesses/industries seem to be hit with more spam calls than others, as well as certain locations being hit more often than others. Personally and thankfully, my business gets very few spam calls (less than 5 p/week). Of course your management will have to choose what they think is best for their business but in this day and age I don't see the point in jumping between providers. Your mileage may vary.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Import Block LIst (not robo calls).

This has nothing robo calls. I just want import a list to block people from calling us.

I know you can add them one by one and in the call log.

Need to be able import a block list 1M+
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I'm with everyone else here.  The time everyday spent stopping what I'm doing to answer the phone, figure out that it's a bogus call, and then log in to block 1 number is ridiculous.

Android has spam warnings built into the OS, and then there are additional apps like TrueCaller that manage large databases of known spam numbers.

At the very least there should be a way to import a CSV that we can either generate or download, so that we can block an entire list.
Hello all,

I'm glad this topic is already brought up. Is there any progress on this from RingCentral?

I want to add a list of numbers to block for my company account (the so called blacklist). The only options I could see is either to add a blocked number through the call log (meaning someone would have to be on the phone with them), or to add for a single user numbers one by one.

Will there be a solution?
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It would be nice to hookup up service to our phone system, like spamcop.
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following. Been getting a lot of these calls lately.
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Has RingCentral done anything to address this?  I am so frustrated with the calls.  
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Hey Paul, not at this time. If that changes, I will post an update on this thread
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I'm curious if folks have been trying / using the Call Screening feature that basically prompts callers to record their name before it will ring through. Many computer generated calls will not pass this hurdle which could alleviate the situation.
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We are continuously receiving calls from the same number, multiple times, daily - 609-250-9180. We have tried blocking it, but the calls continue to come in. Why isn't the block number working?

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Hey Tara, I created a separate post for your issue

Please reference the new conversation here: Still Receiving Calls from a Blocked Number
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Is there a way to high light ALL the numbers on the call log and dump them into "blocked" list. Like above, this service is more a waste of time than helpful in business. Maybe VOIP isn't sophisticated enough yet to be of value. Right now, and for past year, it has cost money and WAY too much time. The value is way too negative unless something changes. I don't even monitor the calls any more. In 12 months I've probably had 2 real calls out of hundreds. Is there any solution(s)??? 
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Hey Craig, you can actually block numbers in bulk from the Call Log - simply check mark them. That may help a little!
There is a much easier solution than a blocked call list. Most of these type of calls are from spoofed caller ID that the caller can change instantly.

The solution is you have the technical ability to know which of these calls are arriving to your VOIP network from a bad number (not in service). Don't allow them through. With CCS7 (Common Channel Signalling) the information about a call travels in a separate data path. Don't allow calls onto your network from invalid numbers.

Probably won;t happen because I presume VOIP companies like Ring Central earn too much $$ from companies making these calls.
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I switched to VOIP from cooper because Verizon in New Jersey is abandoning cooper and the NJ Board of Public Utilities and the Labor Unions are allowing it to happen.  At first, RingCentral was excellent, but these "hang up" calls are over the top and now affecting my answering service costs.  RingCentral has got to get an option to block calls and allow blocking on mass.  Solve this problem, and it will retain your customers and get you new VOIP ones from other services who don't get to this right away.

Same issue here with receiving too many spam calls and have followed all requirements provided to block these calls, but they still come through. Suggested that Ring Central integrate a system with Nomorobo but was told by Ring Central that we had to ask Nomorobo to contact Ring Central. Very disappointed with this response and hope that Ring Central improves this service to retain customers.

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my pay for service account is depleted 100% by spam calls.
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Yes mine too and I plan to cancel - it is not worth it at all