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    So, right for the call forwarding were forwarding to Mobile numbers and if the mobile number was not getting any reception that it goes and gets the callers and does not forward the callers to the next number in sequence.

    Please have an option to check if the mobile is not available and to not have calls go to the mobile's voicemail but go to the next number in the sequence of call forwarding.

  4. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature

    We have our main line forwarding to a sequence of mobile numbers and some mobile numbers gets the calls but it is voicemail. It should not pick it up. It should forward the call to the next mobile number.

  5. Benefit of such feature. I think this will help a lot of customers, not just us.

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We certainly agree this would be a nice feature, as we have had the same problem, since there are a lot of "black holes" in the cell coverage in our area.  Also, it is possible that the mobile phone could be in use, which in some cases will also send the call to the mobile cell phone VM.  I am not sure this is something Ring Central can do anything about, since they probably have no way to determine if a call is going to be picked up, or go to voice mail.  To the Ring Central system, it may all look the same.  Once the call is picked up either by the mobile user, or goes to VM, the call routing, even if VM is detected by the system, most likely can't be reversed.
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This would be fixed if RC allowed forwarding to other's mobile app vs a real mobile number (assuming all your mobile forwarded numbers have RC extensions/accounts).
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There is a feature that is set inside of each users incoming call settings, that prevents the call to going into their personal phone voicemail.  It will prompt the user to press 1 to accept the call or press 2 to reject.  If rejected it will continue through the call routing that was set inside the service web portal.

Please take a look at his thread above to see if this will solve your problem.