Call Length on Missed Call Notification Emails

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We receive several hundred calls during the business day and our goal is they always reach a live person quickly.  When calls start to be missed due to high volume management receives the missed call emails so they can join the call queue to help act as overflow.

When they miss calls because the callers are just hanging up after 5 to 10 seconds we do not want users to pull off other tasks.  Right now there is no way to see that from the email, management would have to pull up the call log to see those details.  If the email showed the length of the missed call that would be great.  Right now they're barely useful since someone calling in and hanging up repeatedly can trigger action even when wait times are normal.

Posted 9 months ago

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I agree that might be nice to see in an email, but they should probably keep a call log window open in a browser tab to monitor this.  Even better they should probably alway be part of an overflow queue and not have to make decisions when to log in/out based on email alerts.

This may not be helpful, but I fail to see why they would not care about callers that hear the queue message and quickly hangup.  It seems those are the lost business that could be captured if more people were available to take calls, no?  Someone willing to wait in queue at least will get answered, but someone who quickly hangs up is probably calling your competitor already.
If they're always a part of the overflow queue then they can't prioritize calls that are directed right to their extension over general calls.  Our managers have regular contacts who need to speak with them directly.  Their phone would ring more than we want if they were always part of the general population overflow.  Checking call lengths regularly in the call log would be another part of that distraction we're trying to avoid.

Your final paragraph is not really relevant.  It'd be nice to answer everybody first ring but the staffing levels it would take during the normal ebb and flow of business would be cost prohibitive.  We sell through distribution so most of these callers call multiple times a day.  If they call we'll answer as quickly as possible, and if we see people hanging up after 30 seconds or so we want to get more people on the phones.  That's what this is all about.  If we could just see that calls are disconnecting after 30 to 45 seconds of call length from the they can quickly transition when they are needed as they do monitor their email inbox, not the RC website.  Best case scenario it still takes 20 seconds to check the call log and see if it's an issue or not using the call log.  Looking at an email is faster.
Plus they'd have to look at the email first to then check the call log for the information, lol. 

It seems to me that calling back people who hang up after 1-5 seconds is almost always going to be a waste of time, so displaying this information will be relevant for more than just my scenario.