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Some of my clients requested to disable the voicemail option for call queues, since this option is already available for extension users, "Take Messages -> No".

Will we have this upgrade soon?

Thanks for any update!
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Posted 4 years ago

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I've found a work-around for a department that does not want to accept voicemail. Instead of using a call queue, I created a user without a phone, then forwarded all it's calls to a ring group. If no one in the group answers, the calls are routed to an IVR menu that says "Sorry no one is available to take your call. If this is an emergency, press 7 or dial the police at ..." Specifically:
Create a new IVR menu to say something, do something when buttons are pressed and disconnect if nothing is selected.
Create a new user without a phone and with an email address you can access.
Activate the user using the emailed link
Edit the user and set the user hours to the hours of the department or group
Set up Screening, greeting and hold music as desired (turn off screening)
Call Handling and Forwarding:
Turn off desktop apps and smartphones
Click Forward to other users phones and select the members of the group. Click Done.
Click Edit Ring Groups. Add all the phones to a ring group. Click Done.
Set the amount of time you want the group to ring.
Click After Hours. During after hours, forward calls. Unselect the ring group.
Messages and Notifications:
Take Messages: No.
How to handle missed calls: Connect directly to group.
Select your IVR menu as the group.

Now when this extension is dialed (or routed to via direct number or IVR) during the day, all the phones ring simultaneously. If no one answers, the IVR menu is played, then the call is dumped.
At night, no phones ring, it goes directly to the IVR, then the call is dumped.
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I love this and this is the work around I'm currently using... However as a competitive sales floor I want all of my reps getting an equal opportunity to answer the incoming calls and with the extension you can only select Sequential or Simultaneously. So either it rings the same person first everytime unless they are on a call. or it rings everyone all at once even if you are on a call. There is NO rotating function like there is in Call Queues. Can we get a work around for this... Or get a disable v/m function in call queues.... or add rotating option to extensions? This is too simple and it seems Ring Central has kind of dropped the ball on this basic feature.
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I'm just going to give you a heads up here that while this technically will work, do not use this option if you need to monitor presence.  If you're trying to keep track of who's on a call, you'll only be able to see that the Virtual Extension you created is on a phone call, not the user who answered.  Setting up the ring group like this is pretty much telling this extension to ring on other user's phones, without actually calling their extension.

I was trying to set up cascading call queues a couple months ago, and looked into this option myself.  The fact that you can't monitor Presence with this method was a deal-breaker for my company.  I've also read reports that you can't transfer calls when this method is used, but I never confirmed it myself.
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And I have to agree with Ysmael, and I think that disabling the Call Queue voicemail would be beneficial.  Personally, I would prefer that if nobody answers the Call Queue, the caller is automatically directed to an IVR menu which you can select (i.e. doesn't need to go to the default IVR).

Our Auto-Receptionist is set up with an advanced rule so that any incoming calls during business hours are directed to a "Ring All" Call Queue.  I had to set up the Call Queue voicemail with a recording directing callers to press "1" to go to the main menu, and I repeat the message again after a brief pause to ensure the caller presses "1" instead of leaving a voicemail.

To be honest, it's a pain retrieving those Call Queue voicemails, but we have been fortunate enough that not many callers leave a voicemail in the call queue.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Queue: Disable voicemail in call queue and connect it to a different Group.

Ability to turn off the voicemail in call queue and have an option to connect it to a different group would be beneficial to our company.

We are subscribed to RingCentral Office Premium 2-19 line. Our Company, Closetbox is a full-service concierge storage with a free pickup at your door and on-demand return delivery for the cost of a traditional self-storage unit. 

Call queue settings work for our business needs for our Customer Service but we do not have any dedicated employee who can take care of the voicemail messages. We would love the ability to have an option to turn off the voicemail in call queue and have an option to connect it to a different group would be beneficial to our company. Like when we call our Bank, it will never route you to a voicemail it will continue to play the music and you will hear an interrupt audio periodically and play a message for more than 15 minutes. We also would like to have that options. 
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I also have a client who wants the call queue to forward missed calls to IVR/ extension instead of going to voicemail. The normal extension have this feature they are hoping that call queue would have this too.

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We just launched with Ring Central and wish for this to be an option for us, as well.  It seems like a natural to have a way to not leave voicemail.  Keep this alive please!
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Is Ring Central not listening to their customers? This needs to be an option. I work for a retail store chain and this Voice mail is getting customers lost and this is POOR customer service on our side not to respond. 

Please add this as a feature request ASAP... 
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I don't know how your system is set up however IF you use a regular extension instead of a Queue you can elect NOT to receive voice mails for any, or all of your extensions. Under Messages & Notifications select the No radio button to not receive/go to voicemails.You can then leave a greeting saying everyone is busy helping other customers and to try back in a few minutes.

On your Call Forwarding & Handling, you can then set the extension to ring for 75 seconds and by selecting to "Sequentially" ring each phone, you can add the same extension in a second, or third time and also set them for 75 seconds. That would give you 1 1/4, or 2 1/2 or 3 3/4 minutes to answer the phone. Surely even in a retail environment a phone can be answered by an associate in that amount of time.

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Bottom Line - Call Queues need to offer the option to have a VM or not. 


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I agree this should be a feature.  Since we can set each user to not take messages this should be available for call queues.  I attempted to send this to a user who was set to not take voicemails such as our conference room phone, but it appears that the call queue voicemail over-rides the setting of the user and the phone takes voicemails even though it is set to not accept messages.

This is a major hassle.
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Why is this still not a thing yet? This is why we are looking at switching the being able to leave a voicemail when we do not check voicemails is unacceptable. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Voicemail: Remove voicemail completely or allow us to manually put time before co....

We would like to remove the voicemail option completely or at least let us set a custom time for callers to hold in queue before going to voicemail.  for Queues, Users, etc... 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Feature Request.

Phone Settings > Groups > Call Handling and Members > Wait Settings

"Maximum hold time for an available member before going to voicemail"

Could I get a new option of "No maximum hold time" or "Do not forward to voicemail"?

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Posting this on-behalf of customer under SF Case: 08302159
Request to have the ability to turn off/disable voicemail for call queues. 
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Status please? Lots of requests for this ability, very little input by RC representatives. Admins looking for assistance on this topic are being directed here by support. That's disappointing because this thread appears very dead...
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Hi Matt, I'll follow up with the Product Team on this. Last I knew, there were no plans.

Can you go into more details about why you are looking to turn off the voicemail? What do you want to have happen to the calls in the queue? A detailed Use-Case is always helpful so that I can bring it to the Product Team :)
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Because our management considers voicemail unprofessional. They would strongly prefer we be able to forward missed calls to another group or extension otherwise so that incoming callers have the best chance to speak with a live person on first contact. The feature already exists on user extensions, "how to handle missed calls". Why not deploy that same tech to group extensions?
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Agree with Matt, this needs to be introduced. We recently introduced a queue with a very high call volume, and having voicemail forced on the team is causing a bit of friction. If we had this queue during our initial testing we would have implemented a different telephony solution. 

Edit: Or extending the maximum "15 minutes" to a custom period would suffice.
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This is ridiculous that Ring Central is not listening to this forum... This is a thread over 2 years old and this function is still not available.... I think I will be taking my business elsewhere. I have been calling them numerous times over the last 4 months to implement this. WOW what a way to lose business Ring Central.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Is there a way to get rid of the Voicemail function in Call Queues?.

Hello. I operate a small inbound call center where we take live transfer calls from marketing agencies. I'm just wondering if there is a way to disable the V/M function on the call queues?

The reason I need to do this is that I need a round-robin style or rotating style call routing to my phone sales reps however if they miss the call or are not at their desk I cant have the call go to voicemail.

I have spoken with RingCentral Tech support multiple times and the only get around to this seems to be to create extensions the incoming number is assigned to. That way I can turn off the v/m function. That works... However using the extensions it only allows me to route the calls via Simultaneously or Sequentially... No Rotating or Round-Robin function. This seems too difficult for such a simple function that a lot of call centers are using.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
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EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED!  Trying to run a 24x7 IT Support Desk and need over flow to go to our Answering Service to keep the 24x7 SLA.  Voice mail and poor over flow function is killing our SLA.  We will need to leaving RingCentral because of this and the lack of the changes to the system.

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Jesse...can you contact me at ? I've been where you are now.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Option for "when maximum hold time is reached".

  1. Account type: US
  2. Currently, the only option for "when maximum hold time is reached" is only voicemail. Hope you can add another option for sending callers to extension XYZ.
  3. Customer wanted calls not to be routed to voicemail since they always have an available to agent to answer calls 24/7
  4. To lessen voicemail and all calls can be answered promptly.

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Shawn Saucier

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After 3 years of this being an issue, I'm surprised this still has not been added as a feature.

We are being forced to choose between three incomplete solutions: "ring group" OR "call queue" OR "IVR" and none do everything that is needed, though combined they do.

We need the ability to:
  1. Have calls come into a specific user.  If busy, overflow to a queue instead of ring groups (we can do that)
  2. If all members of a queue are busy, overflow to an IVR (which we CANNOT do)

This is forcing us into having to use a virtual line which can only ring additional PHONES (not people or queues), forcing us to give up the benefits of a queue, and we STILL don't get a complete solution.

Our use case:

  • We have 5 locations, each with a reception desk.
  • Each reception desk has a dedicated inbound number
  • We have a 'global' reception number that we want the first available receptionist to answer (aka a queue)
  • We want that receptionist to answer the dedicated inbound number if available, assuming that they will be able to answer "local" questions best.
  • If they are busy, we want the call to go to a receptionist QUEUE (containing all 5 reception desks) so that SOMEONE answers the question
  • If all members of the queue are busy, we want it to go to an IVR which will direct calls as selected by the user
  • If the user wants to leave a voicemail, they have the option to do that (currently available using an IVR menu paired with a message only extension)

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Shawn...I might be able to help you. Please contact me at 931-324-1230.
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Please Ringcentral, input on this would be nice.

For all Wait settings in a call queue, at least give us the option to send to an Announcement Only extension or to just play a recording. We do not want the option to leave a message in a call queue, we want to tell them to send us an email and then disconnect the call. That's our work flow, please help.