Call Logs: Call Queue not to show 'missed call' when a call is answered by another user in Queue

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We are a small business where anyone of our four employees can answer any incoming call.   We have a Call Queue set up so that all the phones ring simultaneously, and this works well.  The issue is that when a call comes in to our main number, it is forwarded to the Queue, and it is answered by one phone, the other three phones show missed calls.  

The call was not missed in fact, it was answered by a different phone.  This should not appear as a missed call on the phones that did not answer the call.   This creates a problem for us because now every call we get is a 'Missed Call' on all the phones that did not answer it.  This makes the Missed Call feature useless..
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As a brand new customer of RC I find this thread disappointing. I assured my staff that moving to RC would be the solution for our communication needs. Now... well???

Has anyone found a solution to this issue? 
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I agree. This seems like a simple fix. I'm a new customer and I'm disappointed to see that this issue was flagged years ago and still hasn't been addressed. 
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Surprise! Better get used to all the interesting issues with RC. If you have perused the community much, or get notifications of new postings, you'll see that there are MANY valid issues that RC has not dealt with in many years - and likely won't resolve. They consider many bugs and non-functionality as feature request worthy - as in, "that's not a bug or problem - that is a feature that you want." It doesn't seem to matter how many people say that this or that is not proper operation and is a real problem to their business operations.

To be fair, they do resolve some things along the way, and my experience with their chat support has been pretty positive - although chat sometimes takes hours when a phone call would reduce troubleshooting and fixing to a fraction of time involved. You'll just have to decide whether you can live with the "future feature" issues or not. Happy calls!
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I was excited to find this thread, we just signed with RC and trying to get through all of our issues.  I started reading at the beginning and saw the original post was 3 years ago.  Okay, cool, there HAS to be a fix by now, right?  Imagine my disappointment when I skipped to page 3 to see this is STILL an issue!  Wow......... glad we only have to stay with this company for 1 year.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled FEATURE REQUEST - Missed call display for group extensions.

We have a US account and are a manufacturing business with technical support on our products and additional services offered. This feature request likely affects all account types and businesses.
When a "group" extension is set up, with multiple members, missed calls display in an ineffective way.
For example, a group extension calls 5 people simultaneously. 1 person takes the call. The other 4 people see a missed call on their extension. The only way for those 4 people to know if someone took the group call is if an administrator logs in to see that someone took the call and notifies everyone, or if they all communicate in an external chat with each other to ensure someone took the call. It's very inefficient.

Currently we have a group extension for technical support. Every time a call comes in we have to get on a chat together and say "i got the call" or "did someone take that call?". Then if no one is answering I (as the administrator) have to jump in to make sure someone took the call.

Ideally, when a group call comes in, one of two things would happen:
Users of the group should either see "missed call, accepted by extension X", or don't see a missed call at all. I think the latter is preferred - the end user was calling the group not an individual person, so a missed call is only missed if no one on that group answers. But even the first option would be hugely beneficial. 

It would also be nice if, when a call is missed by the group as a whole, I could somehow assign the missed call to someone in the group for them to return the call.
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Hi Whitney, at this time I have not been given an update regarding if this is in the works. I regularly meet with the Product Team so I'll bring this up next time :)
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Why are we three years into an issue that hundreds are complaining about and still no answer? I'd rather not hear "I'll look into it" ever again. WE WANT ANSWERS.
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Saadet can we please get a valid explanation as why it's taking this long? 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Missed call notifications.

Hi all, I have my calls setup simultaneously, my issue is that even if someone answered the call all my other users get a missed call notification.
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Official Response
Hey Everyone, I did follow up with our Product Team regarding this behavior. At this time, there is no plan to change this. 

The reason being, the Missed Call notification is from the User's perspective. So when a call comes into a Queue, it reaches out to each individual's extension and the device(s) on it. When a call rings Becca, Jim, Charles, & Suzy - the system tracks who answered it. Let's say these 4 individuals are in a simultaneous Queue, when a call comes in, it will ring each of their extensions and their devices. However, Becca was the one who answered the call. Technically, the other 3 users did miss the call since it came to their extensions and they did not answer it. This happens no matter if the Queue is set to simultaneous, rotating, or sequential. 

The physical phones also track when a call comes to them. This is a native functionality and would require all 3rd party phone providers to change their coding specifically for calls from RingCentral. In all honesty, that is unlikely to occur :( 

Changing this behavior would also affect the reporting functionality and could result in inaccurate tracking regarding User involvement in a Queue.
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Whitney Nottage

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This is a major flaw. The person being called is not the user. The person doing the call is the user - and their call was not missed. 
At a minimum, those of us who use your desktop and phone apps without 3rd party phones should be able to be fixed. I don't use a 3rd party phone. I use the app. the APP says a call was missed when, to the end user, a call was not missed. They called a "call queue". the missed call (ie "user" to you guys" should be the call queue, not each individual on the call queue.
What you're doing now is inaccurate. Are y'all not willing to address something that's literally making people leave?  You have a topic here that is 3 years old with 55 comments, many of which people are expressing that they are leaving you for (myself included, I've been collecting quotes from others for a week now so i can get away from this).


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Definitely agree with Greg's comment below - This is should not be a feature, this is a poor implementation of call queue handling. 

No other provider I've encountered handles call queues this way so I have a hard time understanding how RingCentral thinks this is 'correct.'  99% of the world decided it shouldn't work this way, but then there is RingCentral.  You reference a recipient's perspective here, but what your product team isn't understanding is that perspective changes when we are talking about call queues.  The responsibility for the call becomes shared otherwise it would be a true forward... Regardless, your customers have voiced their expectation and your product team is just telling them they are wrong.

In all honesty, it seems blatantly obvious to me that RingCentral is avoiding the development time in regards to the reporting, soft phones, mobile apps and call queue handling.  In terms of firmware, I'm understanding of the fact that BYO SIP phones may still function the way its handled now, but rentals could be handled without having major vendors pushing out firmware updates.  You already do the preconfigure on the phone anyway.

Just voicing my frustration here because it doesn't seem like the product team is at all interested in this topic.
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This is so stupid it's unbelievable. We've only just switched to RingCentral and obviously issues like this aren't apparent during demos/feature showcases etc.

Imagine if it was listed as a feature though: "If one of your colleagues answers an incoming call, everybody but them will receive a missed call, allowing them to call customers back who have already spoken to your business".

Great. *facepalm*
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Saadet, maybe having a call queue dashboard on the portal that actually noted who picked up the calls once they hit the queue.

This way you could generate reports showing who answered what calls and what calls were actually missed and needed to be called back. 

It's not going to solve everyone's confusion seeing that they missed calls but management could at least run the report in a timely manner and see whats actually going on.
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Honestly there a simple solution that would at least help with this.
Add configurable filtering to the call log.
Allow users to configure a filter on the call log that filters out based on destination and status.
So users could configure a different view that eliminates Call Queue Missed calls, based on the Destination of the call which is already viewable in the info tab, and the status which is also viewable.
Even if the Search feature in the call log would be able to search  based on destination number that would help.

But overall I agree with everyone else in the post. This is should not be a feature, this is poor implementation of the call Queue handling.
We have just started using ring Central a few weeks ago, and these are the little things that you just expect to work like every other phone system, but I am finding more and more annoying "Features" or lack of features that are really pushing me to dislike this system.

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Here's an idea.... Base missed call notifications on the GROUP and not on the MEMBERS. I can't even fathom how this is an issue 3 years later, this is something that's affecting us every single day. How can we have call queues and still get missed call notifications from calls that were never forwarded to us? That makes no sense at all.

We have a support line that dials two people SEQUENTIALLY. If the first person in line answers the call, why on earth would person two get a missed call notification? I now have to check in every time someone calls our number to make sure they answered that call?

This makes no sense at all.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Feature Request - Remove missed calls notification on group calls when answered.

We have different call groups setup.  Even though someone in the call group picks up the phone, other users get a missed call logged on their phone.  This causes confusion as users are calling people back even though someone in the office already answered the call.  Is there anyway to fix this? 
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There's not. and this issue has been going on for years with Ring Central regularly responding that they have zero plans to fix this, despite hundreds of people complaining. At this point I'm searching for new systems to just get rid of Ring Central because it's that destructive to our processes.
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Whitney Nottage

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a solution I could use to replace Ring Central that does not have this problem? My company has given me permission to search for new solutions and I'd like input from y'all.
This issue is major and Ring Central has done nothing to address it and shows no hope of doing something to address it so we will be moving on from them.
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Try EvolveIP
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Much needed, at the moment there's literally no way to determine what calls have actually been missed or which have been answered, which is bonkers.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled False Display of Missed Call - Simultaneous Ring in a Queue.

US Account - Medical Facility

Call queue have 7 lines ringing simultaneous - the queue setup for medical appoints (high volume); great feature because you have medical assistance assisting and taking calls;  once the call is answered the other 6 display missed call.  This is misleading to management as well as auditors that walk the environment, which been problematic for the end users.  Please consider changing this feature as it is not a true missed call.  I thinking it's a bug and would like to see this changed.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Queue missed call - not really.

We set up a sales queue, and a support Queue to help direct incoming calls. when it is forwarded to the appropriate queue, and it is answered by one of the many reps in the queue, all of the other phones show missed calls.  

The call was not missed though, and so it creates a lot of confusion, with reps calling back clients who have already spoken with someone else, making the operation look amateur.

What is the logic with setting it up like this?
Why is it not fixed with so many clients requesting that this be sorted out.

Plain and simple, the call wasn't missed, so it should not be marked as missed when it is part of a queue call.
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Definitely a problem with call queues and reporting (potentially penalising teams/users for missing calls when the call was actually answered) but also an issue with presence.
A call will come in on one DDI and another user uses call pick up to answer the call on their phone. The initial user's/DDI phone will display a missed call - so that user will call the customer back - for no reason.
It duplicates work and makes us as a company look unprofessional.

SO many reasons for fixing this, so many requests and over such a long period of time - and yet no acceptance that this is actually a required development.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ability to see when other members answer the call queue.

We would like to have the ability to know if another member of our team picks up a call queue call. Currently, each user receives a ring but if someone else answers it the call appears as a missed call on everyone else's screen. As a small business we can't afford to miss calls. Instead of showing as a missed call it should show as an answered call. We have 3 members in our call queue based in the U.S. We sell promotional products to other businesses. We often receive calls to place orders or to check on the status of orders. We also receive calls from our vendors who need more information from us. Every call is important to us and to our bottom line.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Missed Call Tag.

  1. Account type: U.S
  2. A brief description of the business: One Source Process
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested: a feature to remove the missed call tagging when a member of the call queue will answer the call. Current behavior: members phone app shows missed call since they are part of the queue.
  4. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: when they are out of the office and is using the mobile app
  5. Benefit of such feature: this helps not to confuse the customer about the tagging, they are thinking that the call is not answered or missed.
  6. Number of Users and/or Digital Lines: 9

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled We are having an issue where someone answers a call - but it shows as missed for ....

We are having an issue where someone answers a call - but it shows as missed for the other team members. Any ideas? Perhaps a missed setting?
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Another new customer, same situation with the call queues.  Very disappointed the response was "it's a feature, not a bug" - ring groups have performed as indicated above since the early days of TDM telephony.
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New customer as well (less than 7 months) and the one thing I've noticed is when you do call Tech Support, there is:

1. a rush to judgement to uninstall/reinstall the app whatever app that is
2. a lack of technical understanding to the nature of the issue
3. lack of communication internally among support staff
4. KPIs for reporting are defined but when you ask to drill down to how those numbers were derived?  That's a feature that is being worked on.  Then don't include those numbers until you've vetted the process. Just a thought.

Additionally, software updates to the apps have been glitchy but that's categorized as a PKI - Product Known Issue and it's released anyway.
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Our company is seeing this issue with a recent COVID-19 hotline queue we setup. We figured simultaneous ringing would be the most effective option to ensure these calls are being answered as quickly as possible. However, it is causing mass confusion that calls are showing as "missed" for the queue members who did not pick up. This is resulting in queue members trying to call back "missed" calls that weren't actually "missed." 

I found this article, and saw this issue is still unresolved, so I decided to call support. Support cheerfully told me that this is working by design, and it's correct that the call was "missed," even though someone else answered it. She also claimed that we can pull reports, which won't show the calls as missed. I tried to explain to her (three different times) that only calls that were never picked up should show as "missed," and that pulling a report to see if every "missed" call is actually a "missed" call is impractical and a giant waste of time.

RingCentral please resolve this obvious problem in your product.
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Encino Dentistry

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This needs to get fixed, I have setup up three clients in the past month and all have come back with the same problem. "My patient called and we missed their call" called back the patient and they said they already spoken to someone. 

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Adam Kentrop

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I agree with the other 70 respondents, and the 181 upvoters. This is a key bit of functionality that has been overlooked, seeming because it's too much like hard work to implement.

I don't buy the response of "But we'd have to have all the phones change as well". They are 3rd party items, and officially Not Your Problem. Your key problem is the apps, which is what people are asking for it in.

I see a number of options here: 

1. Update the call history with "Answered by someone else" (or their name), and suppress the missed call flag.
2. Suppress the missed call flag if it's been answered. The apps are linked to the central portal anyway.

Given that this has affected our main director who approves solutions, I can see me needing to learn a different architecture to migrate if it stays this way.
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Are clients are also complaining about this issue. Can we have an update as to why it hasn't been looked at.
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When does this plan to be fixed? These are features that have been standard on phone systems for decades that are simply assumed to be implemented in a "high tech" system.