Call Logs: Call Queue not to show 'missed call' when a call is answered by another user in Queue

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We are a small business where anyone of our four employees can answer any incoming call.   We have a Call Queue set up so that all the phones ring simultaneously, and this works well.  The issue is that when a call comes in to our main number, it is forwarded to the Queue, and it is answered by one phone, the other three phones show missed calls.  

The call was not missed in fact, it was answered by a different phone.  This should not appear as a missed call on the phones that did not answer the call.   This creates a problem for us because now every call we get is a 'Missed Call' on all the phones that did not answer it.  This makes the Missed Call feature useless..
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Posted 5 years ago

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This has been a point of contention in our department for many years!  I hope a fix is possible- that does not involve changing to sequential ringing.
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Please fix asap
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has there been any solution to this problem from RC? We are a new customer and can't seem to find any answers. If this isn't addressed we will have to find a new phone company soon.
Does ring central even use these forums to help customers or let them find their own solution. Whats the whole point of a queue call if it annoys the hell out of its users.
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The data from reports is hopeless.. missed, refused etc... but reveals the system does not rotate calls within queue properly. Absurd... 
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The definition of "missed" "connected" "accepted" need to be either changed or changeable.

missed should really mean missed
accepted should mean someone talked with the caller
connected is useless
IVR means they connected to an IVR

I am sure there are other ideas.
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I agree!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Logs: Call Queue to show which user picked up, not "missed call".

Hello! I spoke with Gem over the phone and case #04105760 was created. We would love to have the Call Log show which "Agent" picked up the phone. Instead of showing "Missed Call" for the other agents when we know that one of our agents picked up the incoming phone call. Currently we have three extensions tied to 1 incoming call. Thanks and we hope this can be created immediately!
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I totally agree with this.  The call was not missed.  Since this is reported incorrectly it is hard to tell how many people we need during what hours.
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Is this still an open item, or should I start a new one?  not sure how this topic went off onto issues with the call log.  BOTTOM LINE, as the original poster stated, I have a new customer with the same exact issue...four people in the call queue for all incoming calls into the main number...for anybody that doesn't answer the call, they have a missed call on their phones...meaning they come back to their desk, and it's lit up on the VVX500 with a big red 12 (meaning there were 12 calls that came into the queue) that they didn't personally pick up.  THAT'S NOT HOW IT SHOULD WORK.  They didn't "miss" 12 calls.  The only time they should have a missed call is if somebody called their extension directly.
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This has been an issue since I had my phone system, maybe 3 or more years.  The definition of missed call is simply wrong when more than 1 phone is part of a QUE.


When I see this in my call log how do I ensure customer satisfaction and not ask my team to do a better job when MISSED call is not really missed.

Also, missed should not be a possibility until the greeting is over.
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Hi All. As a new user with 7 extensions, I find this missed call notification extremely annoying. Even now, when I look at my handset, it's flashing 11 missed calls when in fact we have missed none. This can't be hard to fix.. can it?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Only notify genuine missed calls in groups & click to dial from browser.

We use a call group for our incoming sales calls in the UK combined with the desktop app. Currently there are four users in the group. Usually one of us will answer a call but the others then get a notification that they have missed a call.

By itself that's annoying but not a big issue.

The issue is that sometimes, for whatever reason, we do miss a call and need to call that customer back. But there is no way to differentiate in the app between a call that someone answered and one that we really missed without trawling through the call records.

Surely if a call has been answered by someone it shouldn't flag as a missed call.

The other feature that I can't find is an app to allow you to click to dial a phone number from any website. Other systems have this feature and it's standard on mobile phones. Can this be added?
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If you are using the RingCentral Desktop app. Under settings there are Hotkeys. Setup the Outgoing call Hotkey to enable the 'click to dial' feature. 

Hope that helps!!
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I would like a solution to this problem as well. We can't see which calls have ACTUALLY been missed on our mobile app or desktop app.
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Yes please fix this issue, I was told by my sales rep to vote on this to get it implemented. This is a problem for my company and we have agents that can't figure out who's getting queue call and who missed it. Thanks.
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This has been very frustrating for us as well for years. We looked at our report of missed calls two months ago and almost freaked out and set out an ad for 2 additional sales people because we thought we were only answering half of the incoming phone calls. The tag really needs to show as "Missed Call" when the customer truly never was able to contact someone in the queue. Having it also record which extension/person did answer the call would be a lifesaver too. Some times we have customers call and don't remember who they spoke to the first time. Being able to search their number and then see which extension did pick up would improve it so much better. I find it quite bad that there are all these extra features that probably no one really uses and yet this simple feature has never been fixed. It is because of this flaw that we've seriously discussed getting another phone system. FIX THIS PROBLEM OR YOU'LL LOSE CUSTOMERS LIKE US!!!!!
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Have you had a reply from RingCentral since posting this on here? 
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Not the phones as they worked fine on our last system but now they do not, this is all to do with RingCentrals central system. they are failing customers basically and it is a discrace that no one from RingCentral has commented on it.
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We are a small US based company with 17 users that utilizes Call Queue groups with simultaneous ring for each group.  And we have the same issue reported by others where a call answered by one group member results in all other queue members showing a missed call.  All of our users are using the RC Desktop application on Windows 7/10.  It is frustrating to them as they constantly feel they missed a call.

And I can only imagine how frustrating it would be for a company who actually grades their team members by answered/missed/voicemail calls. 

Is there an update on when this might be resolved?
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As a brand new customer of RC I find this thread disappointing. I assured my staff that moving to RC would be the solution for our communication needs. Now... well???

Has anyone found a solution to this issue? 
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I agree. This seems like a simple fix. I'm a new customer and I'm disappointed to see that this issue was flagged years ago and still hasn't been addressed. 
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Surprise! Better get used to all the interesting issues with RC. If you have perused the community much, or get notifications of new postings, you'll see that there are MANY valid issues that RC has not dealt with in many years - and likely won't resolve. They consider many bugs and non-functionality as feature request worthy - as in, "that's not a bug or problem - that is a feature that you want." It doesn't seem to matter how many people say that this or that is not proper operation and is a real problem to their business operations.

To be fair, they do resolve some things along the way, and my experience with their chat support has been pretty positive - although chat sometimes takes hours when a phone call would reduce troubleshooting and fixing to a fraction of time involved. You'll just have to decide whether you can live with the "future feature" issues or not. Happy calls!
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I was excited to find this thread, we just signed with RC and trying to get through all of our issues.  I started reading at the beginning and saw the original post was 3 years ago.  Okay, cool, there HAS to be a fix by now, right?  Imagine my disappointment when I skipped to page 3 to see this is STILL an issue!  Wow......... glad we only have to stay with this company for 1 year.

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Here's an idea.... Base missed call notifications on the GROUP and not on the MEMBERS. I can't even fathom how this is an issue 3 years later, this is something that's affecting us every single day. How can we have call queues and still get missed call notifications from calls that were never forwarded to us? That makes no sense at all.

We have a support line that dials two people SEQUENTIALLY. If the first person in line answers the call, why on earth would person two get a missed call notification? I now have to check in every time someone calls our number to make sure they answered that call?

This makes no sense at all.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled False Display of Missed Call - Simultaneous Ring in a Queue.

US Account - Medical Facility

Call queue have 7 lines ringing simultaneous - the queue setup for medical appoints (high volume); great feature because you have medical assistance assisting and taking calls;  once the call is answered the other 6 display missed call.  This is misleading to management as well as auditors that walk the environment, which been problematic for the end users.  Please consider changing this feature as it is not a true missed call.  I thinking it's a bug and would like to see this changed.