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I have multiple call groups, and they go to some overlapping people. I would like the phone to show which extension was dialed to the call recipient when the call comes in from a call group, so they know how they were reached.

I know this can be done for extensions, under Call Handling > Incoming Call information but I do not see a way to do this for this for a call queue.
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Michael Gile

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it would be nice to see BOTH the inbound callgroup AND the callerid.  My avaya system and 3cx both did this GROUPNAME:CALLERID or something similar.
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Michael D.

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I believe this is a SERIOUS drawback to using Ring Central. Why would Ring Central allow its customers to setup queues/groups/extensions (ie. sales, support) and not let them know which queue the incoming call is coming from. Very strange indeed. Other VOIP providers I have spoken with say they can display the queue that the call is coming from on the IP phone's LCD display - it's just a matter of provisioning. RingCentral needs to act on this short-coming very soon.
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Brad Coupland

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Can we PLEASE get this implemented.  It exists in the desktop application, yet not on the phones. It doesn't make sense. How is a small/med business with any kind of call group supposed to manage calls efficiently without this. I would say the target demographic of this product doesn't have a separate person for every single call group, and it is imperative they know what choice the customer has made.  
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Stephen Bianchi

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I have every user running desktop or the phone app, such a horrible solution. Having it display on the desk phone along with caller id I would assume would be so easy to implement.  Seems like RingCentral is not that concerned with requests from existing clients.
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Mike Fawaz

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We recently migrated our 250 corporate users to Ring Central and we were not aware that this wasn’t a standard feature for the call queues. It is really problematic for us, and our users don’t all like having the desktop app popping up on their computer. Ring Central Product Management needs to add this feature to their road map, fast!
I am a RingCentral reseller and without question, this feature is needed.  Having installed RingCentral at a very busy medical practice with many extensions and groups. By not knowing the extension or group whose calling is a major drawback.  The practice left Avaya which had this feature; now all the users in the practice are upset.  Knowing who is calling before picking up the phone helps.  Hearing the call announce is pointless, you already wasted the time to pick up the call. RingCentral please add this feature ASAP before you lose customers. Granted RingCentral is a far better solution then on premises, but this is a very basic request.   By reading this thread it seems to have fallen on deaf ears; s this dates back to over 4 years ago. 

Again RingCentral, please listen to the users and resellers.  
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Larry Solheim

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RC... can't you see that this is a very important if not critical issue for many of us?  I have personally sent very explicit explanations of how this works well with other providers (8x8 for example).  It seems that you have the bones to do this, but no one seems to fully understand why the current workarounds are not usable.  I will try to explain this one more time.

People need to know the call queue name as the call comes in (on the desktop, desk phone  or in the phone app).  I understand that this may be difficult to manage when the call is forwarded, but I think most of us use either the desk phone or phone app.

It is not practical to have to answer the call when you are busy or when you are on another call.  Often people have priority responsibilities to certain call cues (sales or support) but may be backups for others (billing or general inquiries).

Sometimes smaller companies need to know how to answer the incoming call depending on the call queue (i.e. Thanks for calling sales, or support or one company name over another).

Secondary to this is my other major frustration... handling of group, call queue or department voice mail messages.

As it sits now, when  message is left in the group/queue/department vm box, one must log into that specific account to manage the messages.  Alternatively, you can have multiple people receive email notifications regarding those messages, but that routing is not dynamic based on who is currently assigned to that group/queue/department, it is a static list that floods people's inboxes who may or may not need to (or be authorized to) respond to those messages.

In addition, those methods do not allow for others to know if someone has already responded to the message or not.  Often, several people try to respond to the same message and that only frustrates the person who left the message and creates a huge waste of time for the employees.

Every authorized member of the group/cue/department should receive the messages in their RC messages inbox (not email inbox).  They should know if the message came from a particular group/queue/department and whether it has been responded to.  If one member hears it, it is marked as read/listened to.  If they take care of it and they delete it... it is now removed from all other's inboxes.  The best solution would be to have an additional flag on each message (whether it be personal or group) to show if the message has been listened to, is being dealt with or has been satisfied (perhaps with an attached memo).  That would be awesome.

One other suggestion that I had was a separate desktop and/or mobile app that would do nothing more than handle the group/queue/department messages.  If you want to see and manage the messages you sign in... you can even log in/out of specific groups/cues/departments as need be... and most importantly, managers can see an overview of their responsible groups or even the entire company.

Other companies such as 8x8 have created working solutions for this and I have sent examples of their implementation to RC multiple times.  I believe it can still be done better, but at least they are  workable solutions.

As you can see, for yearly 4 years people have been asking for this... many say (like I do) this is an absolute must.  I am a huge supporter of RC.  I have two current accounts and I have been responsible with setting up many others for other companies over the years.  I (as you can see others are) so frustrated that this is being ignored.  In plain words... your current workarounds do not solve the problem or work for most of us.

Please, take another look at this.  I have even offered to visit your offices at my expense if someone would actually take a serious look at these issues.  Features like these could set RC on an even higher pedestal.
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Saadet, Employee

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Official Response
Hi Everyone! I wanted to let you know that our Product Team is working on making Call Queues better next year :) And THIS request has made it onto the To-Do List! As more information becomes available I will share. 
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Naftali W

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Thanks, our company just switched to RingCentral from another vendor who had this feature. Can't wait to have this functionality restored in our company. Very important.